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The Alabama Education Association has filed a lawsuit and petition for a temporary restraining order to prevent Governor Bentley from being able to sign the GOP’s landmark education reform billas planned on Tuesday.

Democrats have been threatening to file suit since the moment the Accountability Act of 2013 made it to the Senate floor, so this is hardly a surprise.

But it’s clearer now that it’s ever been: the AEA will do absolutely anything to regain their power and control in Montgomery, even if it means forcing children to stay in failing schools, some of which have graduation rates below 50%.

Here’s what we’ve heard as of right now:

1. The AEA has launched a hail mary attempt to stop conservative reform and signed up a who’s who of far leftwing lawyers to represent them

According to Montgomery County Circuit Court records, the AEA late last night filed a complaint and petition for a temporary restraining order. The attorneys currently involved include the following:


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AEA Files Suit in Desperate Attempt to Block Education Reform 


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  1. Grumpy … interesting bit of history here … summary below.

    I voted for Bradley Byrne in the Republican Primary. Byrne was very much aware of the fraud and back-door dealings of the AEA in Alabama. He exposed the fraud and corruption within the two-year college system, and was set to go farther to attack the AEA and the public education system itself. Bentley was a dark-horse candidate with virtually no chance of winning … until the AEA and their cronies threw their considerable money and clout into his campaign. He defeated Byrne in the primary. Bentley later won the general election for governor.

    I am sure the AEA thought that Bentley would never go against them. They are by far the most powerful entity in Alabama. So this bill, along with Bentley’s vow to sign it into law, has absolutely freaked them out … they assumed that Bentley was bought and paid for.

    I am proud of Dr. Bentley for standing up and doing the right thing for our children. This legislation will allow parents who have children in failing schools to move them to another school, public or private (eligibility based on income up to 150% of state median income, which is a little over $80K). It will give tax credits to individuals and corporations for monetary donations to a scholarship fund, for students who cannot afford to pay some or all of their tuition expenses in a private school. It is for the good of our children, and I am very proud of our legislators for passing this bill.

    As for the AEA, the state school board, and all others crying over this bill … a pox on your houses. You should all be ashamed of your despicable behavior. You are all shameless in profiting at the expense of our children. You shall reap what you have sown.

    1. Melody Warbington

      Torimom, I voted for Byrne in the primary, largely because of his fight against the AEA. I don’t agree with Bentley on everything, and I definitely think we need to continue to pressure him to make good choices. That said, I’ve been happy with his support for school choice and was very happy when he changed his vote last year on Common Core after conservatives pushed the BOE to rescind.

      Speaking of Common Core, it was supposed to come to the floor for a vote tomorrow. I don’t know if this mess will affect the legislative calender, please call your reps and ask them to support HB254 which repeals/defunds Common Core. If you’re not familiar with it, I wrote an article urging for action with several links to other articles that explain how bad it is.

      While I’m at it, if you’re anywhere near the Birmingham area, our tea party, Rainy Day Patriots, has started an Alabama Legislative Watchdog group. Our goal is to keep track of legislation, who supports and/or sponsors what and voting records. There is a core group that goes to Montgomery often – to the point legislators know who we are now. They know they’re being watched and being reported. You can find the group at or

      Check out our monthly meetings sometime. The founder of is coming in March, and Senators Scott Beason and Cam Ward are coming to us in April for a Q&A.

      Grumpy, thanks for posting and approving my registration, and especially for letting me throw out my recruiting message to a fellow Alabamian.

  2. THANK YOU for running this post. You would not believe how things have blown up here locally over this. I have read hundreds of hateful comments from teachers and administrators, and I am absolutely disgusted. To them, it’s all about bodies in desks, collecting a paycheck, and gold-plated bennies. God forbid that we parents might have a CHOICE to take our kids out of failing schools, and put them in schools that will actually teach them something!

    1. identicon

      Torimom: If you have the time go ahead and post something about this, people are starting to figure out the big players in education (Pearson Testing, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, Hammond Darling, Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, Hammond Darling, Teachers Unions CSCOPE, the Common Core Consortium and all the foundations these clowns have set up are not “For The Children”. They all have their own agendas that vary from profit to promoting the Grand Global Communist Revolution.. Bill Ayers and Jeb Bush are happy to work together if they both see the partnership as beneficial to their personal agenda

      Melody — thanks for joining and posting, I’m not sure why I had to approve your second comment- you should have been good to go. One of the settings must have gotten screwed up. I’ll push you up to author, I read one of your posts over at UP, and Lady Impact Ohio respects you so I know you’re okay – once I do that you should be able to post or comment here freely.

      1. Melody Warbington

        Thanks, Grumpy. yellowhammer posted an update on the judge with a photo.

  3. identicon

    Guess we know who owns the judge.. All things considered it might have been wise for him recluse himself, the fact that he took so much money from the plaintive, then quickly ruled in their would seem to leave the door wide open for a corruption charge.

  4. Melody Warbington

    Hopefully, our GOP legislators will show the same backbone they did when they passed the bill. Just hand deliver the bill to Governor Bentley, and tell him to sign it.

    Our AL Supreme Court is solid. Might not be a bad thing for this to land there so they can slap down the leftist judge when they overturn his ruling.

  5. LadyImpactOhio

    Here’s more on this from an email pal in AL:

    Judge Charles Price – Leftist Dem & Friend of AEA

    From the AL-GOP Chairman:

    Birmingham, AL – Following a Tuesday morning ruling by Montgomery Circuit Court Judge Charles Price that enjoined the Legislature from transmitting a historic education reform bill to the governor’s office for signature, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead released the following statement:

    “With his decision, Charles Price put Democrat backroom crony politics ahead of the Alabama Constitution, the separation of powers and his own oath as a judge.

    It’s especially troubling because during his campaigns for Circuit Judge, Price has accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from the Alabama Education Association’s political action committee, A-Vote, and the attorneys and law firms representing AEA before the court.

    Price not only ruled against the Republican legislators and governor who serve in Montgomery, he ruled against every parent and child who is trapped in a failing school and simply asking for the quality education they deserve.

    This ruling twists the rule of law like a circus contortionist and calls into serious question his ability to serve as a fair and impartial jurist. I am confident Price’s political hijacking of the law will be overturned.”

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