Andrew Breitbart Inspired Me with Passion

Andrew Breitbart Inspired Me with Passion

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by Matthew Boyle


Though I didn’t join the Breitbart News team until after the 2012 election, eight months after Andrew Breitbart passed away, I was always really close with him personally. 

Andrew inspired me with his passion. I had never met anyone with so much energy before, and I haven’t since I first crossed paths with him.

He was legitimately enthusiastic and excited whenever he had a big story or whenever he’d pull one of those public moves like only Andrew Breitbart could. Andrew was somebody who was excited for all the right reasons, none of the wrong ones. He really cared about fighting corruption and saving our country. And he shared it not just publicly but with all those of us who had the fortune of learning from him.

The best example I can think of where Andrew was super excited was during the scandal he broke surrounding now former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Andrew caught Weiner tweeting out a photo of a shrouded penis, which—after much lying and misleading on Weiner’s and the mainstream media’s parts—

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Andrew Breitbart Inspired Me with Passion



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