The Border Patrol vs Napolitano’s lies about the Border & Sequestration

The Border Patrol vs Napolitano’s lies about the Border & Sequestration

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So while AFGE, the AFL/CIO, SEIU and others continue to worship at the feet of  President Obama, acting like he is the 2nd coming of Christ, we are dealing with thereality of pay freezes, draconian pay cuts, a rising cost of living, and less and less authority to do our jobs. In addition, this Administration’s  constant yammering about how secure the border is can only be characterized as a ploy, an outright lie, to fool the American people into accepting more amnesty and accepting that it is OK to cut our hours and reduce coverage on the border. They want to try something that was a colossal failure in 1986 to fix things now. Makes perfect sense, at least to bureaucrats in DC. After all, they do “flyovers” once in a while on the border. They are the experts. Excerpt from  Idol Worship vs. Reality



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Grumpy Note:  Every now and then I take a virtual trip to Arizona just to see what the men and women who are trying to protect our Border have to say about the situation..  Somehow they see it entirely differently than the Politicians in DC..  If fact they see it much the same way most conservatives see the situation..



Idol Worship vs. Reality

We are seeing more and more blame being placed upon “the union” for this sequestration mess and the resulting pay cut we are facing. We will remind you that President Obama came up with this idea. He then promised “sequestration will never happen”. Well, now it’s looking more and more likely that it’s happening, so he is blaming others. And the media and idol worshippers at AFGE and other unions are letting him get away with it. All you will hear from them is the standard drumroll of “tax the wealthy, jobs not layoffs, protect the middle class, no cuts to social security and medicare” and on and on. That garbage wore thin about the 2nd year of our pay freeze, which was implemented by none other than President Obama.

The fact of the matter is that he has driven this country to the brink of bankruptcy and something needs to be done. But it isn’t cutting our wages 40%. We understand that spending $1 trillion a year more than you bring in is not sustainable. Borrowing 43 cents of every dollar you spend is not sustainable. But you can and should blame President Obama and Secretary Napolitano for the boneheaded sequestration idea and the huge pay cut we are facing as a result of it. They made the decisions, they kept those decisions secret until February 20th, and they ignored all the emails and verbal requests by NBPC to be involved in helping find alternative cost-cutting measures within the Border Patrol. Bottom line? They don’t give a crap what we think. It is a plain fact. Secretary Napolitano just testified in Congress and she wouldn’t even tell them what the plans were. And yet we have members blaming us (the union) for not being “out front” and “stopping” this mess. NBPC tried like hell, and the Administration would not cooperate.

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Idol Worship vs. Reality



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