An Unrestrained Man

An Unrestrained Man

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I remember well, reading the story of “Peter and the Wolf” when I was growing up. For those who haven’t read it, in a nutshell it is the story of a boy that was always trying to scare his family and village by crying wolf in a time that wolves were roaming the countryside and people had to protect themselves, their livestock, and their poultry, from the ravages of wolves!
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Barack Obama reminds me of Peter in a way. Except I seriously doubt that he ever read the book. If he did, he certainly did not learn the lesson it holds. Barack Obama is constantly crying wolf and trying to scare people. In the story, Peter, liked to see the people run, and he liked the attention. Barack Obama is the same way, he likes to see people run, he likes the attention, he has no desire to do the job, just to have the glory that goes with the title.

He seems to have never learned any type of restraint, whether it is scaring people, spending money, telling the truth, or even putting any types of limits on his own actions. He truly is an unrestrained man. But as in the story, sometimes you can get to the point that nobody listens to you anymore. What happens when a man with almost unlimited power gets to the point where people are not listening to him anymore? What happens when his scare tactics no longer work, when people start shrugging their shoulders and saying “there he goes again, trying to scare people?”

I know that many of us on the right reached that point long ago, but now it seems as even his most avid followers are starting to question his motives or just tune him out. People like Bob Woodward, or even Chuck Todd.  Chuck Todd Declares ‘This Just Looks Bad’ for Obama, But NBC News Skips Access-Buying at White House

How far will Mr. Obama go to get people scared and to see them run? With the power that he has, doesn’t that make him even more dangerous? After all Peter just had his family and his villiage. Mr. Obama really seems to revel in making the whole world worry about what he is going to do next. The wolves are out there, they just go by different names, like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, George Soros, and many others who are actively trying to destroy the US either militarily or economically. Many of these wolves are already at the door, but Mr. Obama is ignoring most of them, instead he is running around like Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” Except to him the bogey man isn’t the wolves, it is his neighbors and these are the people that he considers his enemies.

It seems that no one who can, has any real desire to restrain him, they simply seem to think that he will run out of energy one day. Except that one day may be too late for us as a country!

One day when the wolves have started eating his neighbors, he will probably be urging them on, the trouble is that it is going to end badly for him as well. No one likes a traitor to their country, even her enemies. Whatever  Mr. Obama may think, those who wind up with what is left when he is through with it, are not going to trust him with anything else. They may fear him, or pretend to like him, but trust him they will never do. The time is coming when even the unrestrained man will be faced with restraints because there is nothing left.

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