Christopher Dorner, LAPD’s ghosts, and left-wing populism

Christopher Dorner, LAPD’s ghosts, and left-wing populism

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Here’s a lesson in the wages of appeasement.

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When the manhunt for Christopher Dorner got desperate, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck panicked and announced that he planned to reinvestigate Dorner’s firing which the former cop, according to his Facebook manifesto, blamed on racism.

Beck insisted that the new inquiry wasn’t intended to appease the man being sought for multiple murders, but was instead initiated to address what he called “the ghosts of the LAPD’s past.”

It was a foolish thing to do.  Out came the crazies who’d just been granted legitimacy by Beck’s so-called reinvestigation. Their outpouring of sympathy was accurately described by Ta-Nehisi Coates, in The Atlantic, as:

an attempt to redeem Christopher Dorner’s murderous rampage. These redemption narratives, from what I can tell, are a mish-mash of cynicism, anger and left-wing populism.

To bolster his point, Coates links to a Mediaite story about a panel discussion on CNN:


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