Fundamentally Dismantling America

Fundamentally Dismantling America

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When Barack Obama was elected to serve the American People as President of the United States of American in 2008, he said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country.



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He neglected to say what he wanted to transform it to. A media that was complicit in electing him by ignoring his lack of substance and covering up his reality, neglected to ask him to explain what he meant by that. The truth is that most people didn’t care, at least the people that wanted to see a black man elected in order assuage their guilt for some imagined debt that was owed to black people in general because of slavery and being downtrodden and unable to vote for a greater part of their existence. But truly, the reasons that he was elected were in a large part because of the actions of the Bush administration as well. The doubt people had about Mr. Obama, did not outweigh the reality that they were suffering under the pressures of the time.

But in neglecting to show any curiousity about Mr. Obama’s design to change the country, those very people have allowed him to weaken this country to the point we are more vulnerable than we have been since the civil war. The post I  have excerpted a portion of below talks about how we have been weakened militarily. I would like to add that the policies that this administration have put in place have also weakened us economically, and are in the process of putting our valuable resources out of reach if we were to be attacked by another country.

Lets look at some of the changes in this country since Mr. Obama has taken office. 1) The border– not only has this administration weakened our security at the border, they have disarmed the border agents, told them to hide if threatened, made them vulnerable by refusing to let them do their jobs, allowed drug cartels and smugglers access to this country by declaring portions of the border off limits to anyone including those who are supposed to patrol it, even arming those same drug cartels with weapons that our own government allowed to be taken across the border in order in their words- to track. 2) Energy- putting ridiculous requirements on companies providing our fuel, E15, that a Federal Court told them to cease and yet they are still requiring it, shutting down coal fired energy plants in the name of pollution control, denying mine permits, only allowing gas and oil leases on land that has already been proven to contain no oil or gas, and forcing our military to buy a type of fuel that costs them 4x’s as much as they would otherwise pay.

I could go further an mention so many more things but the most important things are the limits that are being put on the people themselves in the name of security. The stated reasoning for the right to kill Americans, the threatened taking of our means to defend ourselves. The giving away of our resources and the allowing of persons that are here illegally and have no stake in the country the right to all our resources sometimes above the citizens themselves. Just a few days ago we learned that the Constitution doesn’t apply in the eyes of this administration, to any area within a hundred miles of the border. Some of these policies began under the Bush aministration, including the weakening of  Constitutional rights on the border. Add to that the dissing of our allies, and the arming of our enemies.

Our founders knew that this country would probably face the possibility that we would face an enemy from within, and that that would be our greatest danger. They wrote into the Constitution and the amendments the means to remove the threat. What they didn’t count on what that there would not be anyone in position of power to take the first step. Whether  it will come to the final step of dismantling the remains and rebuilding anew, if we are able to withstand a probable invasion,  there will be no telling until the time itself comes.




Is Obama Setting US Up for Military Takeover?
Since taking office four years ago, President Barack Obama has been steadily eviscerating the power of the US military, one slice at a time.  Is it really about budget or setting the US for a military takeover by another power?

First he pushed to allow gays to openly serve, which saw the evacuation of a number of good and morally sound military leaders and troops.

Next, he started attacking Christians in the military, stripping them of the symbols of their faith (while not stripping Muslims of the symbols of their faith).  He also pushed new regulations that tried to force military chaplains to go against their faith by performing same-sex marriages and opening up their chapels for those ceremonies.  Chaplains were threatened with court martial for failing to comply.

Then Obama started apologizing for everything our military did against other nations, instead of backing them up.  A growing number of military personnel do not feel that Obama has their back nor does he support them in their duties.

In the name of economics, he orders Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to slice the Pentagon budget by over 20%.  The result is a reduction of troops in all branches of the military.  It also means a reduction of weapons, aircraft and warships.

Read more: Godfather Politics– Is Obama setting the US up for Military Takeover


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