Does History Tell Us Why Obama’s Been Firing Senior Military Officers

Does History Tell Us Why Obama’s Been Firing Senior Military Officers

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It’s rare for a President to remove senior military officers from command.  By senior I mean those at the very top, the ones that wear 3 or 4 stars.  




It doesn’t matter which branch of service. Before an officer gets to pin on a Star he’s spent around two decades being  vetted, examined, tested given special training, special schooling, attended very intense courses at the War College. then dissected  and put under a microscope for good measure.  Only a small handful make it that far, look around, the vast majority of retired military officers you’ll meet are Colonels, Commanders and Navy Captains..

Here just isn’t that much room at the top, and with each star a senior commander gets, the competition for the next one gets that much more difficult.  By the time an officer gets to the third star, the media has a thick file on him.. They know more about him than they admit knowing about the current Commander In Chief’s past

In recent months Obama has ended the careers of General Carter Ham USA, Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette USN, General John Allen USMC, General William Ward USA, General James Mad Dog Mattis USMC.

Then there were Generals Billy McChrystal and David Petraeus who made big headlines when they had their talks with the Commander in Chief..

There are a number of rumors circulating that almost all of these officers had questioned the Presidents, intentions, methods, integrity or truthfulness.

There was a recent article by Reaganite Republican ^  on stating the the Russian’s believe the Obama Administration is terrified of Officiers who take their oath to support the Constitution seriously…. because put bluntly those officers pose a threat to his ability to rule by Unconstitutional Executive Fiat

Russian Military Intel Tells Kremlin Obama Fired Military Officers Because He ‘Fears a Coup’

 According to (shadowy anonymous blogger) Sorcha Faal the Russian military’s GRU foreign intelligence unit presented a report to Kremlin leadership late last month that said Obama removed one of the United States Navy’s most powerful admirals from his command (in the wake of Benghazi 9/11) specifically because he fears a military coup is being planned against him.

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Obama likes to compare himself to Lincoln, and I think Abraham Lincoln might be the last President to fire as many senior officers as Obama has.  There was a slight difference, for a good part of the Civil War most of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was less than one or two successful battles and a two day  days march to the Front Door of Lincoln’s White House..

That’s not a threat faced by Obama.

Over at Moonbattery they have a slightly different take on why Obama distrusts his Generals so much

Litmus Test for Top Officers: Willingness to Fire on Americans

Anyone familiar with Obama’s radical background will find this Facebook post by author Jim Garrow as believable as it is terrifying:

I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed.

Garrow is a respected activist who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work rescuing baby girls from one-child China. His source is “one of America’s foremost military heroes.”

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Litmus Test for Top Officers: Willingness to Fire on Americans


There’s not that much difference between the two ideas..  As Moonbattery pointed out, several of Obama’s Communist Mentors felt it would be necessary to exterminate 25,000,000 American’s in order to achieve their goal of Social Justice and Redistribution..

And as someone on Facebook reminded me a couple days ago..  one of the first things all dictators do before they try and assume power is replace any and all senior officers who might try to oppose them.




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  • Contra1

    Like so many things today what we see with our own eyes is so contrary to our senses we have difficulty accepting our personal interpretation of what we see. i.e.; We are in the midst of a distinct and verifiable statist assault on our Constitution. More aggressive than the incremental approach that has gone on for years.

    How many have watched since 2008 and thought, “What?!?!?! SUrely ‘someone’ will do something.” Adn we watch as the communists just keep it up and our side appears quiet. For one I have seen a number of things I seriously believe are prosecutable offenses. But one needs a prosecutor to pursue charges and we do not have one. They own the office. There is no doubt in my mind some in the military have considered stepping in. The manner in which obamacare was passed must have been a significant alarm to many and although I am not a lawyer I do know enough to know whether or not the law is legal the manner in which it was passed betrayed nearly every precept and tenet of the constituted government.

  • grumpy

    That’s one reason the left wants their followers to believe everything we say is some kind of code word,, It’s a type of projection, they go it routinely so their followers find it easy to believe Conservatives do as well..

    Limbaugh pushes the edge a little, he’s good at and he knows where to draw the line. Like Palin he can get them worked into a frenzy, not because of what he said, but because their puppet masters tell them what (they believe) he meant

  • grumpy

    I think we’re already into an early phase of that. Creating an incident- burning the Reichtag – might have bad consequences if someone opened their mouth.. But things happen, real life events that don’t risk any of his henchmen getting caught with matches and gasoline..

    Never let a crisis comes into play.. Remember how fast the Media, and a boat load of liberals jumped on the Gabby Giffords Shooting in Tuscon?

  • grumpy

    It could, but most of the Military, by roughly a 2 to 1 margin have little or no use for Barack Obama-

    They’d also be aware of the simple fact that it’s the people Obama considers enemies who are the military’s biggest supporters and that an overwhelming percentage of former military are part of that group.

    That could be the reason Obama, bought all that ammo, won’t deport illegals, armed the cartels and is ignoring inner city gun violence.. There’s his army-

    Race War has been a part of the left’s underground planning for decades. As you may have noticed, the radical left is no longer unerground.

  • grumpy

    I believe Obama’s concerned about the possibility, and that’s why he’s getting rid proven officers and replacing them with butt kissers..

    The reality is, mutiny is more likely than a coup.. Obama gives a clearly illegal order- and senior officers refuse to comply. For example that hypothetical Southern Town full of TEA party scenario some jackass dreamed up for an exercise.

    The end result is similar to a coup – Congress would find itself in a position where they would have to either support a President who tried to commit treason or risk the possibility of a coup that might not be to kind to them

  • grumpy

    Bob– sometimes i’m not sure who’s the least politically correct blogger on this site.

    You’re tough competition

  • bobmontgomery

    Besides the consolidation of power and elimination of opposition thing, there is always that special, really, really special interest group whispering in O’s ear “Listen, Sweetie, general so-and-so was less than enthusiastic about…..embracing us into the military family…..(wink, wink). Oh, and could you say something nice about us in your inaugural address? There’s a dear fellow!”

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