Treason? Obama’s Plans to Disarm America

Treason? Obama’s Plans to Disarm America

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Trevor Loudon

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President Barack Obama‘s nomination for US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, is a board member of the far left, resolutely anti-military Ploughshares Fund.

Here Joe Cirincione, President  of the Ploughshares Fund and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations,  applauds Obama’s commitment to the total destruction of the United States nuclear arsenal.

Cirincione also praises another  leftist former GOP Senator Dick Lugar, for his reprehensible role in the disarming of America.

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The Obama Administration’s number one priority is the destruction of US defensive capability. If this is allowed to occur, the United States, and indeed the entire West , will be at the mercy of the combined military might of Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, radical Islam, and all of their growing army of allies.

Of course, all these sworn enemies of the United States would never use that overwhelming advantage to obliterate a disarmed America would they?


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Treason? Obama’s Plans to Disarm America



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