Media Hypocrisy In The War On Guns

Media Hypocrisy In The War On Guns

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Would YOU put this sign in YOUR yard?

A crew of undercover journalists asked just that of the many editors, commentators and journalists in the New York & DC metro following weeks of media attention given to a New York paper that published the names and addresses of law abiding gun owners. Their responses were astonishing and quite different than their on-air and/or published stance. And it’s all caught on video.

Project Veritas, the brain child of James O’Keefe who has unraveled ACORN and exposed voter fraud in at least 5 states, approached MSNBC’s Toure, editors of the now notorious “gun maps” and even knocked on the door to Attorney General Eric Holder’s home, which greeted them with armed security.

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Media Hypocrisy In The War On Guns


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  • grumpy

    I wasn’t to fond of Beck of TV- As you know I don’t watch much TV anyway, I find news I’m interested in online..

    But you’re right.. I know several people who refused to watch the news because something didn’t make sense to them– then Beck came along and things started falling in place for them..

    Especially for people trying to earn enough to pay the bills and feed the kids, it’s tough finding time to know whats going on.. Maybe they get 10 minutes of radio news while they’re fighting traffic, to and from work..

  • bobmontgomery

    James O’Keefe is a national treasure. His work, and Breitbart’s and Beck’s seminars and blackboard charts on Fox News while he was there did more to expose the Statist conspiracies to the low information voters than all the congressional hearings put together.

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