Sunday Morning Truth Serum

Sunday Morning Truth Serum

- in Grumpy Daily Headlines

Abortion growing growing gone

AR-15 not an assault weapon

Benjamin Franklin 2nd-Amendment

Car Alarm We wont just bark punk

Diane Feinstein less safe than six year old with gun

difference between needing welfare and being a habitual societal leech


Faces of Gun Control Imminent-Obama-cropped-proto-custom_28-470x259

firearms and a woman's right to choose

Freemen or Slaves GeorgeWashington Jon McNaughton

Gracia C. Martore Pres CEO Gannett Co


H J RES 15  Presidential Third Term

Harriet Tubman I freed a thousand slaves quote


how can someone elses reproductive system 100 percent my responsibility

I support the need I oppose supporting the lazy


James Earl Jones Decent Americans should have guns

Kevorkian Obama healthcare czar

King Lincoln Obama

Liberal hypocrisy on second amendment

lining up early for inauguration

Margaret-Sanger and The Negro-Project

Murders by Abortion


Obama change together-we-thrive-poverty-obama-unemployment-change-devalua-political-poster-1299840395

Obama gun ban Operation Fast and Furious Lecture Americans

Obama Gun Giveaway

Obama pledge correction lie not to raise taxes

Obamacare if democrats were realtors


One more reason to own an AR-15

One shot due to high cost of ammunition

original intent second amendment

Piers Morgan asshole

Questions for obama-supporters

seniors texting codes

Slavery Democrats  Then and Now

State by State Nullification of Obamacare and Gun Legislation

the gun barrel is the fountainhead of freedom POLITIFAKE

Stupid has a president

the human cost of gun control

Thomas Jefferson government abuse and tyranny

Wake Up Black America this is not the dream we had

Why are my paychecks less this week

Work Communist Utopia Government Dependency Entitlements Slavery

you just cant fix stupid


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