Harry Reid Might Have To Do A Little Fancy Footwork

Harry Reid Might Have To Do A Little Fancy Footwork

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People have been talking and wondering for months about how Harry Reid got so rich.  Senators aren’t underpaid, but DC isn’t a cheap place to live..  Reid seems to be worth a lot of money for someone who doesn’t ahve a lot of outside sources of income..

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It’s just possible we’re about to find out how Reid got so rich..  According to the Salt Lake Tribune in an article titled   Indicted businessman: Utah A.G. tied to alleged scheme Reid’s services were purchased to help make a Federal Investigation of the defendant Jeremy Johnson.. Johnson claims to have made a $250,000 downpayment on the $600,000 bribe

Johnson is unable to confirm whether of not the money actually went to Reid or not..  Also involved is the now dead Richard M. Rawle, owner of the Provo-based payday-loan company Check City.. Rawle a Reid contributor was supposed to be the intermediary   Following the November elections Rawle is said to have bragged about getting Harry Reid to postpone Federal Legislation that would have been harmful to the Payday Loan ripoff industry..

A dead loan shark banker and a live businessman under indictment don’t make the best witnesses..  How ever, a few months ago Reid was trying to indict Mitt Romney for tax fraud with no more evidence than the voices in Reid’s head.. We know the payday loan legislation was postponed, did Reid make that happen-for a price?

This isn’t the first time Reid’s name has come up in connection with some questionable dealings as Carol Platt Liebau over on Red State in her piece Yet Another Scandal for Harry Reid?

Remember the lucrative, underpriced land deal?  Or the green energy conflict? There’s so much there, pithily summed up by Investors Business Daily as follows:


I’m guessing we’ll never know.  The Justice Department will never seriously investigate Reid,  My guess is he knows too much about Obama and Eric Holder.  In fact if evidence starts piling up against Reid I’d expect the White House to do the one thing the Obama Administration’s getting good at–

Initiate a cover-up


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