Obama Provoking a Constitutional Crisis (this is scary)

Obama Provoking a Constitutional Crisis (this is scary)

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Lee DeCovnick

American Thinker

Years ago in discussions with my writing friends, I proposed a novel about a President with an undiagnosed brain tumor who signed an Executive Order banning the civilian possession of all semi-automatic weapons. His diseased brain had become increasingly obsessed with creating a utopian society, free of personal choices and personal responsibilities.

One writer said the premise of my novel was “too far fetched.” Another said the idea did not reflect “the political realities of our Constitutional government.” As a final insult, a third writer asked if I could revise the plot, so as to make a science fiction thriller. “Perhaps adding an alien invasion to the original story line would give the idea more credibility?”


The President of the United States is publicly threatening to sign an Executive Order restricting civilian access to semi-automatic weapons.

It is no historical accident that this country’s most serious Constitution crisis since Ft. Sumter revolves around civilian possession of small arms. Remember Paul Revere? His midnight ride was to warn the countryside that ,”The Regulars [British] were coming out.”  The Redcoats, under Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, were “coming  out” of  Boston and marching toward Concord to seize “military stores.”  When they reached Concord, the Regulars went door to door looking for, and confiscating, guns and gunpowder.

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