Faux Statistics, Progressives and Government Dependency

Faux Statistics, Progressives and Government Dependency

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Obama hope-sponge

Barack Obama’s Great Entitlement Society

or the

Redistribution of Wealth

The percentages those on welfare by race.

As of 2011  they are listed below in descending order by percentage.

…Why am I writing this?

Because I am tired of the misrepresentations on this issue….

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While Progressives have lied about the facts for decades in a “if you say it enough, they’ll start to believe you” kind of way, facts continue to be stubborn things.  While one may attempt to rewrite the truth, regardless of the spin, the truth is right there in your face.  One has only to seek it.

samuel adams“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”   ― Samuel Adams

As I mentioned in previous posts, I grew up in the hood, dirt poor.  My family was on the government dole.  I started working at the age of 14.  I baby-sat the children of my mother’s friends, worked after school, during holiday breaks, summer vacation and after school.

I recall at the age of 17 (after which I graduated high school), being the sole body within a two and a half block radius on the streets of Brooklyn in the morning heading to work.

Imagine late 1960’s, living in a high crime area in the heart of Brooklyn, New York and at 6:45 a.m. five days a week walking five blocks to the train station and for the first two blocks I never saw or heard anyone except the milkman making deliveries….once in a while.

For two years, concerned about a neighborhood rapist who assaulted working woman, my mother had my brother walk me with me for three blocks until I reached a main hub but not to worry, I was prepared.

OFF SUBJECT — Although I did not carry a firearm, my mother made my two uncles come over several times a week to educate me in the art of self-defense, timely withdrawal, instrumental and the highly effective use of a K-55.

Uncle Butch used to say “Plunge that thing in real deep girl, twist hard and when you do it, you look him in the eye and you keep twisting.  He’ll try to scream but can’t.  You will have stopped him in his tracks and he won’t dare try to hurt anybody else.” …but I digress.

BACK ON TRACK — where was everyone else and why was I the only one on these dangerous streets every morning heading to work?  The freeloading leeches were at home, in bed living off my taxpayer dollars and sleeping off the previous night’s drunk and/or drugfest.


Harriet Tubman I freed a thousand slaves quote


Many slept as they lived, ignorant to the fact that they backtracked themselves, their children and grandchildren into government servitude.

I would come home in the evenings, retire at 9 p.m. only to find that sleep escaped me on account of all the freeload bastards hanging out under our apartment window until the wee hours of the morning.

Exactly one year after graduating from high school, I moved my family out of that disgusting neighborhood.

Here we are forty years later and every now and then, I must drive through that blighted community.  The neighborhood has changed but not for the best.

Wake Up Black America this is not the dream we had


Today instead of people on the government dole living within a two-block area, everywhere you turn, there are people hanging out on the street corners and in front of their buildings until the middle of the night, early morning who are on the government dole.

The only businesses still in that community are liquor stores, bodegas, an occasional laundromat and the neighborhood funeral parlor.

In the words of my son who learned a long time ago, “The ghetto is no way of life” but considering that not everyone living in the ghetto is government dependency, it is only fair to point out that in addition to the ghetto being no way of life, neither is being a slave to government.


difference between needing welfare and being a habitual societal leech


In NYC, one must work for their government check to which I do not object.  What I object to is how in spite of these regulations, millions who refuse to look for job find their way around that rule.

For those who continue to believe faux stats trumped up by Progressives, stop making excuses.  Look around, reality speaks for itself.

All of the above being said, let me say that I don’t give a damn what one’s ethnicity is or is not, if you’re freeloading off of the government dole, living off of my hard earned tax dollars when you should be out working, then hell yes, we got beef.

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