Obama Golfed in Hawaii with Former Rezko Crony

Obama Golfed in Hawaii with Former Rezko Crony

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While on vacation in Hawaii this month, President Obama played golf with Allison Davis, a former business partner of Tony Rezko who also helped give Obama his start in the legal profession.


Rezko is the former Obama associate and fundraiser who was convicted of corruption and fraud and currently sits in prison.


Davis, who is male, partnered with Rezko on a series of government-funded low and mixed income housing development projects in Chicago. While Davis himself has never been charged with wrongdoing, a number of the projects were high-priced failures that resulted in poor living conditions for residents.


According to a June 2008 exposé in the Boston Globe, one of the most egregious projects Davis helped create was Grove Parc Plaza, an assembly of ‘squat brick buildings’ located in Obama’s former state senate district….



For those unfamiliar with Allison Davis, I refer you to my post entitled, “BARACK OBAMA, COMMUNITY ORGANIZER (THE TRUTH)”, dated September 22, 2008 (excerpt below).

Several of these players, friends of Barack Obama’s are now major participants in Obama’s campaign…


…ALLISON DAVIS, co-founder of Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp. and a major fund-raiser of Obama’s Senate campaign and former lead partner at his law firm, was also involved in the creation of Grove Parc and used government subsidies in order to rehabilitate over 1500 Chicago units, many of which were cited as late as last year due to several major violations, i.e., chronic plumbing problems which resulted in raw sewage spillage into apartments. Stateway Gardens and Park Boulevard are among the Obama and Davis accomplishments or lack thereof.


Stateway’s developers upon receiving government grants and subsidies had agreed to use a share of what they earn from home sales for upkeep of the public units. The amount was expected to total about $2 million for the first on-site construction phase, covering 311 public and private dwellings, according to a court filing by Habitat.


Seven years ago, Sen. Barack Obama was on the board of a Chicago charity when his former boss, Allison S. Davis, came looking for money. Obama agreed. He voted with other directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago to invest $1 million with Neighborhood Rejuvenation Partners L.P., a $17 million partnership that Davis still operates.


Then we have the infamous, ANTOIN “TONY” REZKO, Obama’s primary fund-raiser who donated to earlier campaigns of Obama, whom Obama befriended and who helped the Obama buy his home in 2005. Rezko’s company used government subsidies to rehabilitate more than 1,000 apartments, over 30 developments Obama’s district. Like the others, Rezko refused to manage the units, leaving the buildings to deteriorate to the point in which they became inhabitable.


Campaign finance records show that six prominent developers – including Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko – collectively contributed more than $175,000 to Obama’s campaigns over the last decade and raised hundreds of thousands more from other donors. Rezko alone raised at least $200,000, by Obama’s own accounting.Not only have Barack Obama and the parties mentioned herein betrayed those who need help the most, but with the exception of Tony Rezko who is presently in jail, Davis and Jarrett have plenty to gain should Obama become President….


For information on the Obama, Jarrett, Davis and their Grove Parc connection, check out “OBAMA’S SENIOR ADVISOR, VALERIE JARRETT – IRANIAN BORN AND A SLUMLORD”.

There are those who would consider Obama’s golf outing much to do about nothing.  As for myself, I would beg to differ.

Davis is part of the Jarrett, Rezko, Obama slumlord crew who left poverty stricken Chicagoans worse for the ware while laughing all the way to the bank by moving the poor into buildings that were built with substandard materials and then refusing to provide services and maintenance.

Such a gathering must surely mean that Davis, Obama and crew have some major  plundering up their greasy sleeves.




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