Note from a Wise Man…….

Note from a Wise Man…….

- in WTF........??


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A note appeared on a private message board.  This private group includes many current and former generals, and just about anyone you see on television or in books as a national security specialist, ranging from CIA to all the top war correspondents, special operations types galore, and high-level policy makers.  There is significant education value in just reading their traffic.

A few days back, retired Marine and 3-star General Mick Trainor left this note.  I asked LTG (ret.) Trainor for permission to publish on my website, and he agreed.

Now for the show:

It’s Who You Know That Counts
By Mick Trainor

The TSA agent walked down the line of Christmas travelers awaiting screening at Dulles airport. He ran a swab over the palm of randomly selected individuals. I was one of them. As I hoisted my luggage onto the surveillance conveyor another agent asked me to step aside while a third agent abruptly commandeered my travel suitcase.


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Note from a Wise Man

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  1. identicon

    He’s probably been retired for 15 or 20 years- maybe the TSA clown thought he’d forgotten

  2. What stands out is this:
    “Because there is a trace of nitrate on your hands. That is not uncommon with some hand lotions. Nitrate is an element of explosives.”

    If it is not uncommon for there to be a trace of nitrate after using hand lotions, then it should be fairly common, in fact frequent, that idiots swabbing peoples hands waiting in line at an airport would get hits and then have to follow protocol and order a full body search. Meaning a waste of time and resources, as the wise and proficient bomber would pack his explosives using disposable gloves.

    But it was nice of the chap to inform a three-star Marine general that nitrate is sometimes an element of explosives.

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