McConnell says government shutdown is not totally out of the question

McConnell says government shutdown is not totally out of the question

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Just days after negotiating America’s rescue from the fiscal cliff, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the work isn’t done when it comes to spending cuts and entitlement reform — and he won’t rule out a government shutdown as the means by which to secure those changes.

McConnell appeared on NBC‘s “Meet the Press” with David Gregory on Sunday morning, and the two men got in a intense back-and-forth about the possibility of a government shutdown.

“If you are not satisfied that you’re dealing with the spending issue, the entitlement issue, the way you think it ought to be dealt with, would you rule out a government shutdown to achieve your goals?” Gregory asked.

“What I think we ought to do is to encourage the President to actually be President, address the single biggest issue confronting the future of our country,” McConnell answered.

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Senate Minority Leader McConnell says government shutdown is not totally out of the question



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  1. identicon

    Grumpy, Just wanted to let you know that the ‘linkie thing’ for the post isn’t embedded properly. Also, expecting the Republicans to hold their ground on any committment is foolhardy. When the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ was looming, Tim Geithner went on the talk circuit and said, “Yes, we are prepared to go over the cliff if Republicans do not act…” Boehner, on the other hand, as well as McConnell’s response to the same question was, “We’re not going to let that happen.”

    When you don’t believe in something strongly enough to lose – you don’t believe strongly enough to win.

    Regardless, the Media will blame the Republicans for whatever outcome materializes – they might as well ‘take the bullet’ standing for something and shut the government down to force the American people to take the situation seriously. Our Nation will ‘not long endure’ with the spending going on in DC. But hey, that’s just me…

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