I’m Tired Of It

I’m Tired Of It

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I don’t feel like writing today. I am, quite frankly,  too tired to think, let alone to write.


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It isn’t that I’m tired of writing itself; I write every day. If  it isn’t on my blog, it’s more work on the Great Canadian Novel but I always write every day. So writing isn’t the problem, it’s everything else.

I’m just tired of it all.

I’m tired of watching the world go round and round in circles and getting nowhere. I’m tired of listening to every self-professed victim with an axe to grind, blaming me and others like me for their sorry lot in life. They profess their misery while voicing their angst on their smart phones and laptops. I’m tired of the fact that they whine about not having enough money for tuition, birth control or other benefits but they always have enough money to spend on Black Friday and for iPads, iPhones and all the other attendant service costs that go with them.

I’m tired of the politically correct and their simple-minded view of what constitutes tolerance as they rush to protect children from words like dinosaur and Halloween and who bring a new level of paternalism to issues faced by minorities.

I’m tired of the petty debate over calling Christmas – Christmas.

I’m tired of corrupt and cynical politics where scoring cheap points is more important than the welfare of the nation. I look back on history and see the great men and women who have come before us and then compare them to the mostly rag tag ragamuffins we have these days and wonder if fifty years from now, students of history will be hard-pressed to find someone from our era to study.

There aren’t too many Churchills or Trumans, Thatchers or Kennedys around these days.

I’m tired of watching my taxes go up every year and all that money accomplishing nothing. I’m tired of asking where it all goes although I’m pretty sure I do  know. It goes into wasted ideas and programs that are so poorly conceived and implemented that they accomplish little to nothing. Tell me that I’m wrong.

I’m tired of tax money being used to buy votes for one political party or another.

There is a constant and very long line of groups, people and special interest standing at the government’s door with their hands out. Some bring wheelbarrows to cart away the money they demand.

More than $100 billion has been spent on official bilingualism in Canada over the past five decades. What was accomplished? The net increase in the number of Canadians who are now functionally bilingual is 2%; that’s a mere $50 billion per percentage point. It did not buy peace with the sovereignty movement in Quebec nor did it unite us as Canadians.

I’m tired of employment equity programs. Whatever happened to the merit principle?

I’m tired of seeing billions to fund aboriginal communities at a rate of 3 to 4 times the amount of money available to other Canadians and yet still see so much abject poverty. I’m particularly tired of being blamed for the poor governance and corrupt aboriginal leadership that is responsible for it.

I’m tired of billions being poured into aboriginal communities only to see poverty, high rates of teen suicide, substance abuse and misery. I’m tired of Canadians contributing all those billions to address these issues only to be continually attacked by First Nations activists for not doing enough even as much of the money is being skimmed off by greed at the top of the aboriginal food chain.

I’m tired of the self-righteous sanctimony of Idle No More, of Theresa Spence’s self-serving hunger strike and AFN Grand Chief Sean Atleo’s pathetic attempts to recork the bottle he opened when he called on action to protest the government. Mostly I’m tired of having to live through the same shopworn protests, blockades and drum circles that have accomplished nothing every time they were trotted out in the past.

I’m tired of the fact that we learn nothing from our own history.

I’m tired of grandstanding, intransigence and the unwillingness to work together to find real solutions to real problems no matter what the issue. I’m tired of watching people being misused and treated like chattel by cynical politicians, greedy union and aboriginal leaders and intellectually bereft activists.

I’m tired of an arrogant, under-informed and pompous mainstream media that for the most part have allowed themselves to become little more than Public Relations organs for the political ideology of their choice rather than objective journalists who report the news rather than just their opinions.

I’m equally tired of social media and all the wasted rhetoric, bullying, stupidity and misinformation that flow through it like water being flushed down a toilet. We live in the information era. We are overwhelmed by it but information, especially misinformation, is not knowledge and we have not only lost the ability but the willingness to learn.

I’m tired of tweets and posts and text messages that have more in common with cave drawings than literate communication. I’m tired of wading through dozens upon dozens of inane messages to get to a kernel of anything significant or interesting.

I’m tired of technology that constantly needs to be updated. I’m tired of hackers, viruses, Trojans and worms and all of the things we need to do just to protect our computers from those who find amusement in disrupting and damaging the lives of others.

I’m tired of Internet trolls who prowl the web like jackals only to lash out to intentionally hurt the vulnerable.

I’m tired of people rushing to defend against government regulation on the Internet while they stand around like sheep waiting to be sheared by spammers, thieves, bullies and by Facebook, Google and countless other online monarchies.

I’m tired of dealing with people who suffer from an over-abundance of Confirmation Bias and Righteous Mind (look it up). I’m tired of people trivializing profound concepts like democracy, integrity and justice with absurd beliefs and even more absurd comment.

I’m tired of the polarized politics of left vs. right.

I’m tired of ridiculous logic from people like Green Party Leader Elizabeth May who is continuously telling us that the majority of Canadians didn’t vote for Prime Minister Harper. She reminds us that only 40% of Canadians support the Prime Minister as if somehow that legitimizes her opinions. I’m tired of the absurdity of her argument considering that 98% of Canadians voted against her party.

I’m tired of people like Ms May, Justin Trudeau and countless others having too much to say and too little to actually contribute.

I’m tired of the petty, adolescent and intolerant arrogance of the Government of Quebec.

I’m tired of paying to be whipped, criticized and demeaned by people who won’t pay their own way. I am tired of the lack of appreciation of people we do support and of the constant demand for more.

I’m tired of paying out billions to special interest and then being treated like a second class citizen by that same special interest.

I’m tired of hearing arguments about guns, climate change and hidden agendas by the government when we have children living in poverty, who are being kidnapped, sexually molested and killed.

I am tired of our inability to actually determine what is truly important and to prioritize.

I’m tired of being called a racist or a fascist or communist by foolish people many of whom don’t even know what the terms mean and who have no other way of defending the lack of fact upon which they form their opinions. They are so poorly informed that they have to resort to name calling and verbal volume to try and legitimize their arguments.

I’m tired of people who contribute nothing to the discussion other than to disrupt it.

I’m tired of yelling, finger-pointing and personal attacks replacing informed, civil debate on serious issues.

I’m tired of the selfish grab for entitlements by people whose idea of fairness means taking from others. I’m still trying to figure out why it is considered greed to want to keep what you have earned but is not greed to take from others what they have earned.

I’m tired of people behaving like spoiled children whenever they don’t get their way.

I’m tired of envy, greed, anger, polarized ideologies, cheap politics, unions, violent protest demonstrations, governments that are too cowardly to enforce our laws and the hypocrisy and stupidity that are the foundation of it all.

I’m especially tired of the fact that we no longer progress, we barely maintain while we run around in circles chasing our tales like mindless, angry puppies without thought or consideration.

I’m tired of delusion replacing truth and illusion replacing fact.

I’m tired of the lack of values in our societies today; the lack of integrity, spirituality, respect for others and compassion. I’m tired of hyperbole and mindless rhetoric; the lack of responsibility and accountability.

I could use a break from the sanctimonious like Idle No More and Occupy, the self-serving like Theresa Spence and teachers’ unions, the vacuous like Justin Trudeau and BC premier Christie Clark, the corrupt like Dalton McGuinty; the misguided, the uninformed and the cynically dishonest.

I’m simply tired of it  to the point of being too frustrated to write today. So I’m not going to bother. Maybe tomorrow but today, I’m too tired of it all to write anything.


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