School Football team rapes girl – video of them joking about it surfaces

School Football team rapes girl – video of them joking about it surfaces

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If you don’t have  a strong stomach stop reading now– and DO NOT watch the Video.


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The speaker, allegedly, Michael Nodianos, jokes about how does it feel with a dead girl on the video


This happened in Steubenville Ohio- the school and to some extent the town itself has been trying to keep it under wraps.  Some people from  Anonymous decided something had to be done.. and suddenly lot’s of information about the rape, the schools football coach and members of the team has stared surfacing.  It’s not pretty.

Love them or hate them, sometimes Anonymous does the right thing




Inside the Anonymous Hacking File on the Steubenville ‘Rape Crew’


Things already sounded fishy in Steubenville, Ohio, where the alleged gang rape and kidnapping of an unconscious 16-year-old by two of the town’s high-school football players has turned into a complex web of accusation, shock, and, well, Instagram photos. But conflicting reports over an already emotional case became that much more complex today when a WikiLeaks-style site dumped new information about team boosters, the town sheriff, and the alleged “Rape Crew” online — information rounded up, of course, by the anonymous hacking collective known as Anonymous.

In case you haven’t been following the scandal, it rose to national prominence last month when The New York Times ran a lengthy report from Steubenville, on the August incident and its intersection of football, the law, and social media. Perhaps one quote, from one of Steubenville High’s 19 football coaches, best summed up the controversy: “The rape was just an excuse, I think …What else are you going to tell your parents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that? She had to make up something. Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it.


The idea that a rape victim made up her story is still floating around, despite photos of the girl being carried around while allegedly unconscious by her alleged attackers (right). “The city’s police chief begged for witnesses to come forward, but received little response,” reported The New York Times’s Juliet Macur and Nate Schweber. Therein comes the cover-up angle that would attract the attention of the folks behind Anonymous— this is a massive football town, after all. The photo in question was on Instagram, so there were definitely witnesses. And according to theTimes there was a video of the alleged incident which has since been lost:

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Inside the Anonymous Hacking File on the Steubenville ‘Rape Crew’



If I was the girls father those punks would be in a big rush to turn themselves in- right after the video’s head comedian and the head coach turned up dead..

It’s sad that Anonymous had to do the police departments job for them.. But maybe it’s the best way, Anonymous has ended any possibility of a potential cover-up.  Regardless of who these boy’s parents are, or the boy’s individual social status in the school, they’re headed for prison.

Rape by it’s nature is not a juvenile crime..









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  • Animals. They should never see the light of day other than the prison yard. I’m willing to pay my taxes to feed them. It’s a good use of my money to keep people like this off the streets.

    • grumpy

      8 feet of rope’s cheaper

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