Celebs join the anti-fracking bandwagon

Celebs join the anti-fracking bandwagon

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Update 1-3-13 9:50 pm.

H/t Kenny Solomon.

Matt Damon has been called a “liar” by the maker of the pro-fracking film “Frack Nation,” Phelim McAleer. According to Politico McAleer plans on erecting billboards in New York like the rendition below:

Sweet, sweet Karma.

Original post begins below.

First we have a fellow by the name of Josh Fox who made the incendiary anti-fracking film called Gasland. Josh Fox ran around the country trying to set tap water on fire in fracking areas. The film won a Sundance award and went on to be nominated for an Academay Award for “best documentary.” Hint: it lost. But Fox became an overnight faux celebrity with the Hollywood crowd until it was proven tap water in these areas at times could be “set on fire” even well before fracking ever took place.

Actor Mark Ruffalo was placed on the “Terrorism Watch List” by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Homeland Security over his efforts to organize screenings for Gasland.

Now we have other members of the *Hollywood Elite* jumping on the anti-fracking bandwagon as well. Apparently Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Matt Damon got tired of counting their millions and have too much time on their hands so they have made anti-fracking their projet du jour.

Yoko and Lennon had this billboard placed in New York on a route well-traveled by New York Governor Cuomo to urge him to continue the moratorium on some methods of natural gas fracking in the state:

And if this isn’t enough, now actor Matt Damon is making a film called Promised Land which is apparently so one-sided against fracking the liberal blog Huffington Post has even denounced it:

What has also became remarkably apparent is that we are dealing with an American resource that is in such abundant supply that it portends to become a major game changer for our economy, bringing thousands upon thousands of jobs into the field and to ancillary industries that are supplying the infrastructure hardware.[sic] Their [editor’s note: see underneath this quote who *their* is.] forthcoming film Promised Land is meant to frighten Americans, and whomever, to resist the development of shale gas in their communities. No mention here of the long suffering communities of Pennsylvania who have celebrated an economic renaissance through the development and extraction of natural gas from the vast Marcellus Gas Formation.

And you will never guess who is bank-rolling this film: none other than Image Media Abu Dhabi. Yep. And in case you have forgotten who the charter members of OPEC are, Abu Dhabi is one.

The film has been dubbed “Good Will Fracking” and thankfully is showing only modest reviews but of course praised by environmentalists. But fracking companies such as Chesapeake Energy have been fighting back and launched The Real Promised Land highlighting testimony of those across the nation who are in support of fracking.

Pennsylvania gubernatorial Democrat candidate John Hanger had this to say about the film:

“It’s entertainment, and pretty silly entertainment,” said former Pennsylvania environmental regulator John Hanger. “It doesn’t pretend to deal with the real issues.”

And from a Washington Post review:

“Promised Land” fizzes and pops; otherwise it’s an attractive, well-intentioned dry well.

Box office stats last weekend revealed the film has only made $190,150 in 25 select theaters across the nation.

This author hopes it stays this way and believes these *Hollywood Elite* should stay away from subjects they know little or nothing about for the sake of our nations’s jobs and struggle for energy independence.

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