You Don’t Care About Your Kids Anyway, So ….

You Don’t Care About Your Kids Anyway, So ….

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So what’s all the fuss about whether there should be a cop in your school to protect them, or the principal or some of the teachers should be armed?  Why are you making such a big deal out of this?


These elected officials plan to introduce legislation in their respective states that would allow teachers and other staff members to be armed while on campus just in case an armed intruder comes on school grounds. The idea is that an armed teacher or staff member can quickly access his or her weapon of choice and take out the bad guy. But Baugher isn’t buying it.

“It’s a horrendous idea. We do not have to have loaded campuses anywhere,”

No, really.  You don’t go to PTA meetings, you don’t know anything about the candidates when they run for the school board.  You could care less whether the teachers in your school majored in Communist philosophy, or that they donate part of their salaries to  unions which support Communist candidates for political office.

You don’t give a fig that your school teaches your kids that humans are maliciously and evilly polluting and destroying the environment.  No skin off your back if your school goes totally gender-neutral and lies to your kids that there really isn’t any difference between boys and girls .

It’s just all right with you that your school can tell your kid to trot down to the courthouse and get a judge to issue a prescription to Planned Parenthood,  effectively preventing you from knowing about certain medical procedures , isn’t it?  Your kid got a protein deficiency due to Michelle Obama and Arne Duncan restricting his meat intake?  You can’t even make the connection can you?  You don’t even know who Arne Duncan is, do you?

Little booger can’t read, let alone read Catcher in the Rye, can barely spell his own name right and forget about being able to write your name, or his father’s, whoever that is.  Oh, well, the government will help him get whatever he needs, right?  As long as he doesn’t get expelled and you don’t have to deal with him all day long.

Anyway, it’s not your job to protect your kids.   The school gives them their vaccinations and feeds them.  As far as protecting them from nuts with guns,  that’s the job of the police and if they can’t do it, well, that’s not your fault, is it?  Sure and like if there’s a threat, schools go on something called “lockdown”, don’t they?  Yes, you’ve heard about lockdown.  That’s where they lock the doors to keep kids safe.  Sandy Hook Elementary School was on ‘lockdown’ when a nutjob came to the door.

Nope; none of it is your fault.  Somebody else does the deciding for you so somebody else has to protect the kids.  You can’t be worrying about that,  it might make you crazy, that worrying and concern and…….responsibility and such.

Some mothers care about responsibility.  Maybe your kids will be lucky enough to have friends with mothers like that.


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