Secretary of State Clinton hospitalized with blood clot

Secretary of State Clinton hospitalized with blood clot

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Yesterday, Hillary was well enough to go to enjoy a “year-end vacation in Punta Cana, in the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, and once again be out of the country where she couldn’t be asked questions about Benghazi that might be embarrassing to herself or the President..

People were already questioning the timing of her illness, followed by a fall and concussion that kept her from having to testify about Benghazi earlier this month.  The same people got upset yesterday when they found out she was suddenly well enough to celebrate New Years Partying in the Dominican Republic- It didn’t make good publicity for the woman many considered likely to be the Nation’s first female president-

They can relax now-because after the bad publicity hit the internet, Hillary’s doctor gave her a check up and decided she may have a blood clot and needed to be hospitalized.. Reuters puts it like this-


Secretary of State Clinton hospitalized with blood clot

By Andrew Quinn

WASHINGTON | Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:04pm EST

(Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was admitted to a New York hospital on Sunday with a blood clot linked to a concussion she suffered earlier this month, the State Department said in an announcement that looked sure to fuel speculation over the health of one of America’s best-known political figures.

Clinton, 65, has been out of the public spotlight since mid-December, when officials said she suffered a concussion after fainting due to a stomach virus contracted during a trip to Europe.

“In the course of a follow-up exam today, Secretary Clinton’s doctors discovered a blood clot had formed, stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago,” State Department spokesman Philippe Reines said in a statement.

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Secretary of State Clinton hospitalized with blood clot



We wish the Secretary a quick recovery…


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