Federal Government approved E15 gas will kill your car

Federal Government approved E15 gas will kill your car

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download (52)This may have slipped past some people. with all the post election stuff, the thought of John Kerry being named to anything and Benghazi, I missed it.

Think green- everything you’re buying in the grocery store is more expensive because so much corn has gone into ethanol production it’s driven up the price of feed corn.  The stuff farmers use to feed the livestock that eventually ends up on your dinner plate.  Since it’s introduction we’ve found out ethonal isn’t good for car engines and reduces mileage, but the Government still mandates it’s use..

Now we find out out E15,  the latest blend of the stuff will kill your car.  It’s so bad for your car that manufactures will void your warranty if you use the stuff and AAA has issued a warning..  Watch the video:



As always the EPA is saying trust us- E15 is safe and helps the environment,  Lisa Jackson and Barack Obama  know what’s best for you……

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