Bachmann Introduces Legislation to Rescind Congressional Pay Raise

Bachmann Introduces Legislation to Rescind Congressional Pay Raise

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(Washington, D.C.) Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) today introduced legislation that would rescind the portion of President Obama’s executive order that gives members of Congress a pay raise.

‘I am calling on my colleagues in the House and Senate to rescind President Obama’s executive order that gives members of Congress a pay raise. This executive order was not requested by Congress and we should reject it. We have a spending problem in our country and we should be looking for areas to cut spending. At a time when families across the country are cutting back we should not increase government spending and add to the debt burden by giving members of Congress a pay raise. We need to begin with ourselves and I urge my colleagues to join me in this effort.’


It is amazing that millions of Americans are unemployed, living below the poverty level, the country is about to go over the cliff but Obama is giving out raises. Clearly somebody is living in an alternate universe.

I also suspect that Obama’s timing at giving the raises is intentional.  If anything backfires on the fiscal cliff deal then he won’t go down alone.  Everyone who accepted the raise will have to as the dictator-in-chief says, “have some skin in the game.”

And while on that note, Obama should have gone in the other direction but we all know how he loves to spend other people’s money.  Obama, Congress, the Senate and every last one of Obama’s czars should have taken a pay cut not to mention the termination of all perks appended thereto.

Now THAT would have been the RIGHT thing to do.

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  • bobmontgomery

    I did not understand the procedure for da Prez to give out raises in the first place. It was never explained in any article I read. of course, we all know that appropriations and the budget comes from the Congress, not the executive branch. It is quite peculiar for an executive to have that kind of leverage over another branch of government, so it must have been some pro-forma thing where the money had already been appropriated and it was being held in limbo by Treasury or something. Nevertheless, it does make him look like he has powers that he doesn’t, the same with executive orders he has issued and czars he has appointed. I laud Michele Bachman for her opposition, as I lauded her for speaking out in defense of her country on the Huma Abedin issue, and others. I still think it will be the women who save us all, because the men are still trying to show how brave they are by displaying their kinder gentler side….to a fricking fault.

    • grumpy

      Don’t think he can- I believe Congress Authorized it for themselves a few years ago- then put it on hold when the voters freaked out..

      They dummies probably left it up to the President to decide when the hold was to be lifted

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