Obama BS – 100 billion in spending cuts solves trillion dollar deficit

Obama BS – 100 billion in spending cuts solves trillion dollar deficit

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President Barack Obama is obviously scheming with political cronies than he is at dealing with real world dollars and cents.. That could be why the Senate voted down his budget 99-0




On the talk shows today he blamed republicans for driving the country off the Fiscal Cliff because they refused to accept the trillion dollars in spending cuts he put on the table….

From  Amie Parnes at the THE HILL

Obama: ‘Pressure’ on Congress, blames GOP as deadline nears

President Obama said Sunday that the “pressure is on Congress” to reach a compromise and resolve the so-called “fiscal cliff,” sharply criticizing GOP leaders for the unresolved talks.

In an exclusive interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, his first appearance since the healthcare debate in 2009, Obama seemed intent on putting the blame solely on Congressional Republicans, if lawmakers fail to reach the pivotal year-end deadline.

“I offered not only a trillion dollars in — over a trillion dollars in spending cuts over the next 10 years, but these changes would result in even more savings in the next 10 years, and would solve our deficit problem for a decade,” Obama said, in the interview . “They say that their biggest priority is making sure that we deal with the deficit in a serious way, but the way they’re behaving is that their only priority is making sure that tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans are protected.  That seems to be their only overriding, unifying theme.”

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Obama: ‘Pressure’ on Congress, blames GOP as deadline nears



Our deficit has been running well over a trillion dollars a year since Obama took office..  A Trillion dollars over ten years works out to 100 Billion a year, less than ten percent of our annnual deficit and less than a 3% reduction in Government spending.  He must have studied math in one of Bill Ayer’s special programs where they use a math curriculum the Soviets trashed in the 1960’s (It’s part of the Presidents Education Plan for America) .  In those programs it doesn’t matter if the student get a correct answer, as long as they can show a logical thought process that might or might not work.

Forget about the Rich paying a little more.  I haven’t played with the numbers myself, but some pretty smart people have said even if the rich were taxed at 100% it would only cover 9 days of Government Spending.

The Government spends somewhere around 10 Billion Dollars a day so his 100 Billion barely covers another 10 days of spending..  Taxing the rich at 100% and his 100 Billion dollars barely covers 20 days worth of Government Spending.  The Government is borrowing close to 1.2 Trillion Dollars a year

That still leaves us short the better part of a trillion dollars a year, just to break even….

As nicely as I can say it- The President claim is pure Bull Manure..


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