PJTV: DO NOT Let Liberals Elect the First Female President!

PJTV: DO NOT Let Liberals Elect the First Female President!

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Someone had better be listening or history will definitely repeat itself in 2016.

When asked in 2008 why I was not voting for Barack Obama, I responded that “Democrats only want a Black man in the White House so that they can accuse a nation of racism while pushing an agenda that is unfavorable to most Americans.  It has nothing to do with making history or the fact that the time might be right.”  In addition,  I predicted that if Obama was elected, Democrats would accelerate an agenda that did not sit well with most Americans and anyone who spoke out against their actions would be accused of racism.

Eyes wide open NOW

In all honesty and possibly due to my own ignorance or faith in people (not sure which), what I did not foresee was the overwhelming silence and ignorance of Black America.

warning challenges ahead

In other words, if Clinton would have won the election back in 2008, Democrats would never have been able to push through one-third of the crap that they have thus far so Clinton was convinced to bide her time and to take a back seat with a promise that her moment would come.


During the next four years, Obama and his communist brood through the application of propaganda immersed in racism, class warfare, executive orders and Alinsky style tactics to further paralyze chicken-hearted and already emasculated Republicans will accelerate the nation down the road to serfdom at a speed that will make NASCAR drivers look slow.

We cannot afford a 2016 Clinton victory.  We cannot allow Progressives to place a woman in the White House first.  Such a victory which would most assuredly spiral us towards the point of no return.



the party is over

We cannot afford a 2016 Clinton victory. We cannot allow Progressives to place a woman in the White House first. Such a victory which would most assuredly spiral us towards the point of no return.

That being said, there are those on both the left and the right who do not want to see a woman in the White House but before we go down that road, you had better know that Progressives are such ideologues that they will do this. Progressives WILL vote a woman into office while holding their noses but just write our epitaph and to attain their endgame.

Thus if the Republican Party wants to survive, they had better wake up NOW.  My faith and trust in the likes of  John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor has gone into free fall showing absolutely no signs of recovery.


are you listening.001

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  • It would serve Republicans well to find someone worthy and not exclude a woman should we find one a viable candidate.

    As far as I am concerned both Sarah Palin AND Michelle Bachmann were viable candidates, worthy of holding the Office of President but for some reason in the year 2012 soon to be 2013, Americans are still biased against women. Correction, not all Americans. I am primarily referring to the establishment elites, all of whom are inebriated with power and have learned to block out the voices and concerns of the people.

    Adding to that, as of my response to you, Republicans have been unable to both out maneuver and out think Progressives.

    In 2012, they ignored our voices and eliminated our candidates one by one forcing us to settle on Romney who when one looks back was not our candidate. He was the candidate of Progressive Republicans.

    The constant manipulation must end.

    The undoing of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann did not occur by Progressives, it occurred at the hands of the Republican establishment who dismissed them like they dismissed the rest of us.

    Come 2016, if we have a viable strong male candidate well and good but we darned well better be prepared for what’s coming.

  • bobmontgomery

    Then that means that WE have to put a woman in there first. And that means that we do not have the luxury of time to wait for one to “emerge.” That means that we have got to go with the one who emerged in 2008. That means we have to marginalize, even ostracize, those Beltway elites who trashed her after 2008. That means we have to make it clear very soon that she is the only one we will accept, and that we will brook no opposition to her. Much the same way that the dumb***8
    told us in 12 that Mitt was the only one who was electable and everybody else needs to shut up and drop out. No, this time, THEY need to shut up. And all the donations are going to HER, not to the RNC.
    As a consolation, if all the machinery can’t get geared up to put her in the White House, the Blair House would be okay, as long as we have a rock in the White House.

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