Typical cover-up tatic-attacking Susan Rice is racist and sexist

Typical cover-up tatic-attacking Susan Rice is racist and sexist

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It is about time that someone tells members of the Congressional Black Caucus that Americans are tired of them using racism to cover up lies and occasionally criminal actions of the Obama administration. Either Susan Rice took it upon herself to: five separate mainstream media network talking shows and blatantly lie about what happened in Benghazi or someone directed her to. The only person with the authority to tell her to lie would be the president of the United States.

Lying has nothing to do with sex or race, someone lied to the American people. Either she took it upon herself to deceive the country or she was under orders to do so, and followed those orders blindly. Either way it reflects negatively on her ability to defend and protect the United States Constitution and the American people.

It also has nothing to do with things that happened happened under another administration 10 years ago. That tactic war itself out long ago, we are dealing with the here and now. Try telling a judge that since you knew someone that got away with committing a crime you thought it would be all right if you try it. See how fast the judge finds you guilty.

The only remotely sexist behavior, is the President of the United States acting like a two-year-old and hiding behind the skirts of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice. Candy Crowley and now the ladies of the Black Congressional Caucus.

Representative Marcia Fudge needs to get a grip on herself, and quit putting her personal racist bigotry on display.  This has nothing to do with Susan Rice’s education, or any of her other real or imagined qualifications.

The woman flat out lied to the American people about the video. Prior to the attacks on our embassy in Egypt and the outpost in Benghazi virtually no one on the planet outside of the people that put the video together and apparently people inside the Obama administration even knew the damn thing existed


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