People from at least 15 States File Petitions for Secession

People from at least 15 States File Petitions for Secession

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This is something I never thought I’d see.  Individuals from 15 States have filed petitions on the White House Website asking for permission for their state to peacefully leave union.  And the petitions are staring to garner signatures..

Before anyone squeals about racist southerners tying to revive the Confederacy– don’t waste your time..  North Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Oregon, Colorado, New York and New Jersey aren’t considered Southern States,

Their are also petitions form the Old Southern States of Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi Florida and Kentucky so the totals are about even..

Keep in mind that these are petitions from individuals and anyone can start a petition on the site.  So far no state legislature has mentioned the idea and as far as I know no state governor has said anything publicly about the idea.. In the aftermath of Sandy, it wouldn’t surprise me if the idea catches on in New York or New Jersey, memories of Obama’s Photo Op Visit have faded, memories of his empty promises haven’t


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