Benghazi Purge – Gen. Ham & Adm. Gaouette Fired Suddenly

Benghazi Purge – Gen. Ham & Adm. Gaouette Fired Suddenly

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BENGHAZI PURGE – Gen Ham rumored to have wanted to rescue trapped Americans- Now Rear Adm Charles Gaouette removed for ” Inappropriate Leadership.  Who’s Next? –




News reports Obama watched drone video in real time

Who nixed sending Spectre Gunship?

Reaction Force could have saved lives

Did risk of repeat 1980 Delta Force Disaster in Iranian Desert cause Commander In Chief to order NO HELP BE SENT –

Cover-up worse than Watergate- No one died there.

What are the odds on this happening? Two flag officers, operating in the same theater (Mideast area) both relieved or reassigned within a matter of days.

Highly-respected Army Gen. Carter Ham, boss at Africa Command the past 18 months, suddenly is brought home after rumors he was outraged when his offer to send in a reaction team to save the besieged Americans at Benghazi was turned down. There are reports that the general had a rapid response team all set to go, but was ordered to “stand down.”

Sources say the general said “to hell with that” and insisted the rescue attempt be tried. Within two minutes of the order, it is said the general was apprehended and his second-in-command officially relieved him of command.

We might add here, that Obama suck-up, that wretched little gnome, Gen. Martin Dempsey, who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has officially denied that report, claiming that Ham was on board with the Pentagon in deciding “against sending in U.S. forces” to attempt a rescue of the Americans in the beleaguered Benghazi compound.

Another Flag Officer Pays a heavy Price

If that wasn’t indication of possible dissension at high levels, Navy Rear Admiral, former commander of the USS John Stennis Strike Group, Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette was mysteriously relieved of duty, and all the brass will say is he is “under investigation” for, get this, “inappropriate leadership judgment.”

Just another way of saying that the admiral dared differ with the Administration’s Libya policy and perhaps openly defied

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