Fast & Furious Reality- You’ll need a strong stomach

Fast & Furious Reality- You’ll need a strong stomach

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The attitude at ATF and DOJ seems to have been; What the hell, they’re only Mexicans..  So we get a few hundred of ’em killed who cares?



How else do you explain scheme to arm violent criminals, knowing the next time those weapons show up would be after someone had been killed.

That was what appears to be the entire plan behind Fast and Furious, an operation that can be traced to the door of Eric Holder’s office..  At least one of his closest aides, Lanny Breuer either knew about it or should have.  If he knew he should be turned over to Mexico to be dealt with.  If he didn’t he’s guilty of criminally negligent stupidity and should probably be institutionalized for the protect of the public..

Did Holder himself know, it’s hard to say, Obama exercised Executive Privilege to make sure Holder’s ass was covered

Don’t watch this video if you have a weak stomach- It contains real graphic images of real people getting killed with guns supplied to Mexican Criminals by people working for Our ATF and under the supervision of the Department of Justice..

The Video, by Univison is in Spanish, the English Translation appears on the screen




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