None Dare Call it Sabotage

None Dare Call it Sabotage

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Hillbuzz, a fellow compatriot site has had an awesome focus for the past couple of weeks. They’ve observed an Eeyore mentality of too many of our Republican mouthpieces; they’re pundits and elitists from our own side who have the pulpit, microphone, or TV gig. They also may be our own worst enemy. Hillbuzz (Kevin DuJan), is now running daily antidote posts to counter this doom and gloom mentality, and has excellent sources, including DaTechGuyBlog who dismantles much of the poll-skewing we’re seeing.

Let’s talk about this phenomenon of Eeyorism, and my apologies to one of my favorite storybooks, Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore, as you probably know, is the donkey who always takes the cup-half-empty approach to life. If there’s a party, he doesn’t believe he’ll be invited; if they’re going to have a picnic, for sure it is going to rain. If it’s Christmas, Santa loses Eeyore’s address, etc. etc. Eeyore is actually a lovable character and his presence in the Winnie the Pooh stories is important. He has a role to play, a part in whatever drama or challenge the Pooh friends face. The characters in A. A. Milne’s Pooh stories resemble people we’ve met in real life; you’ll find them at work, among your friends, and yes, even in your own family. I hope you’ve all met a ‘Piglet’ timid, but brave too, and a ‘Tigger’ impulsive, but happy.

Now back to the Eeyores in the Republican Party. Eeyores, who represent the doom and gloom in our daily lives – we all know at least one Eeyore – seem to have saturated the GOP ranks of pundits, media mouthpieces, conservatives, and so-called “leaders” of the party. Have they recently become this way, or were they always this way? Whichever it is, they’re definitely showing their stripes now. The problem with characters like this who have the voice and visibility for our party is that not only are they not doing what you would expect…they’re doing the opposition’s work for them. Yes, that’s right, they’re knocking our guy down, and not his opponent, Barack Obama.

The opponent has a sanitized past, questionable “friends,” a sketchy work history, and the cloak of media protection. What background we have on him consists of concealed high school and college records, and cover-ups regarding exactly where he has been and when. Yet Barack Obama was pushed forward with the help of corrupt Chicago-style politics – served several terms in the Illinois State Senate (where he only voted ‘present’), and then he got his ticket punched in preparation for the highest office of the land with his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004. I doubt that there are many Americans (from either side), who can say we are better off today than when this man took office. Throughout his presidency he has demonstrated arrogance, disdain for the American people, and initiated economic policies which have put our country fiscally at risk. The world stage is now littered with the ashes of his failed foreign policies. It will take decades to sort out and repair the damage he has done to America during his tenancy. So, to repeat a question asked in an earlier article, “Considering all we now know about Barack Obama, please ask yourselves the question, what is this man doing as our president”?

Our critical challenge, above all other things, is to vote Barack Obama out of office. Yet, as we’ve seen daily, we are inundated with our own side regaling the media and the public with criticism directed at our own presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. The hand-wringing, the drawn looks, the downcast eyes when talking about our guy, all send the wrong message – that we’re losing. Never would I have believed it if I were not seeing and reading this with my own eyes. It’s bad enough to see the ugly headlines in known leftist media, now I see articles from our own side, broadcasting doom and gloom in totally unexpected forums. The internet is quickly replacing the print and television media sources, so our side has developed sources and ‘go-to” venues. But these sites belonging to us are sounding death knells, not shining lanterns from the bell towers. Where are the Paul Reveres when you need them? It’s elitism and holier-than-thou at its worst.

None Dare Call it Sabotage. (See EPU’s excellent Vichy Republicans article.)

To what purpose are all these naysayers doing this? Some have suggested it is because these pundits don’t want to lose their invitations to cocktail parties, or they’re hedging their bets, just in case our guy should lose, or maybe there are a few ‘well-intentioned’ folks who believe it is their civic duty to be “fair” or something like that. Don’t these so-called leaders of our side know the ripple effect of their depressing prognoses? Do they realize they’re discouraging people? Do they know this can actually depress voter turnout for our side? Therein lies the crux of the issue, “to what purpose?” If these people are considered to be reasonably intelligent, and intellectual to boot, then they must know what they’re doing, and once one recognizes that they do, then all of a sudden a darker purpose emerges and the question becomes, “don’t they want our guy to win?” “Don’t they want to get Barack Obama out of office?

Right now, every thought and effort should be about making sure there is a change in who holds the office of the presidency come January 2013. For our own side to be criticizing Romney instead of Obama 24/7 (that’s the age we live in), is unacceptable. Everything should be about GOTV, getting people fired up and making sure Americans who are not immersed in politics understand what is at stake. There is no excuse for anyone to be working for our opponents, and that’s exactly what happens when GOP/conservative pundits speak negatively about Romney instead of focusing on making sure Obama loses in November. Doing the Democrats dirty work for them sabotages not only our presidential candidate, but can affect all GOP down-ticket races. Vassar Bushmills has it right when he says, “if you’re not for us, you’re against us.”

This election is about saving America as she was founded, a land of opportunity and freedom for all who came to her shores. America is exceptional; her charity and commitment to improving the lives of her citizens and the others in the world is unmatched in the annals of history. Let us do everything we can to continue this legacy. Ignore the Eeyores. Turn off the pundits. Go forth with confidence and support our candidates, we have an election to win.

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  1. I’m beginning to think the whole system is rigged. Like when we voted in our primary here, the RNC said it was only used as a guideline, they didn’t pick the one with the most votes. The machine will decide who wins I think.

    1. That is discouraging, but if this is rigged where our side sabotages our candidate and campaign, which affects all down-ticket races, we can look for disaster to come in November. Maybe the Internet will be able to make a difference combating this.

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