Obama Administration Killed Non-Union Auto Pensions

Obama Administration Killed Non-Union Auto Pensions

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PICKING WINNERS AND LOSERS:  Emails Show Obama Administration Involvement In Killing Non-Union Auto Pensions




“Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller reports that internal emails show Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was ‘the driving force’ behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 non-union retirees from the Delphi auto parts manufacturing company, as part of the government’s bailout plan for General Motors.  Union workers, on the other hand, ‘saw their pensions topped off and made whole.’

This decision was supposed to be made by the independent Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, which is meant to be free of political influence, so it can represent the interests of private-sector pensioners.

Instead, the Daily Caller unearthed a string of emails that show extensive involvement by the Treasury Department and the White House.  In one email, PBGC staffer Joseph House told his associates that he had just spoken with Treasury official Matt Feldman, who said he had ‘made progress discussing our proposal with a number of key folks in Treasury and at [the] White House, but he has not yet wrapped up his coordination.  He indicated that there is an 8 AM call tomorrow that he’ll use to close the communication-loop, and he’s confident he’ll have a fully-vetted Treasury view after that call….”




To view the emails, go to SCRIBD here.

The Forgotten Man Jon McNaughton by Jon McNaughton, Political Artist.
The Forgotten Man Jon McNaughton by Jon McNaughton, Political Artist.

Yet again, Americans are smacked in the face with further proof that Obama does not represent all Americans, he picks winners and he picks losers.  Every aspect of the GM bailout was staged/managed by the Administration.

Union members should be outraged that politicians involved themselves in union business but are they.

Even though Delphi was in bankruptcy, it is Barack Obama, Timothy Geithner and comrades who put the nails in the coffins up ending the livelihoods of hard-working Americans.

This underhanded and most dastardly venture cost American taxpayers $35 billion.

In other words, if an entity does not swallow the Progressive pill, they are forced to suffer the consequences.

Barack Obama has finally earned an “A”…. for being the most inept, unscrupulous, dishonorable and sleazy commander-in-chief the United States of America has ever known.  It is an abomination and reprehensible that the first bi-racial president this country has known is a shameless con.



Remember to take that with you to the ballot box November 6 America.  H/t MFS The Other News.


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  1. Here, here. Unions are the bain of America’s existence. It is unjust non-union workers are looked down upon by our politicians and the unions. I thought that we were One Nation Under God.

  2. These emails talk about the Delphi non-union pensions, but the same thing happened to all of us former non-union employees entitled to a pension. I read a couple of months ago that GM has now taken the pensions of all current GM non-union employees, but UAW employees are allowed to keep theirs.

    The UAW has screamed the loudest about GM moving operations outside the U.S. I remember back when NAFTA was being debated that the UAW wholeheartedly supported NAFTA and told their members to support it. I remember thinking to myself that as soon as NAFTA was signed, GM would start moving their plants out of the country. Looks like I was right. Back in 2000, about $4000 in vehicle costs went to pay employee costs; I imagine that the numbers are higher now.

    GM needs to shut down, file bankruptcy, and re-open in Right to Work states as a non-union corporation. The UAW controls every aspect of production, up to and including vehicle design and line speed. If the UAW doesn’t sign off on it, it doesn’t happen.

    As for me, and all I’ve seen, I will NEVER buy a union-made vehicle again.

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