Is LE 9GAG Army behind the Colorado Massacre

Is LE 9GAG Army behind the Colorado Massacre

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I’ve been hesitant to post this, unlike the folks on the MSM Networks I don’t like making accusations with no basis in in fact.. and I have no way to confirm anything about this picture except it exists


We know the killer is a man named James Holmes, he was born in 1983 and his mother lives in Califorina



A twitter friend @ComfyPaws found this earlier and sent it to me in an open tweet– the url is   From what comfy could gather it was pot up sometime yesterday or late the day before..

I’ve done some digging and been able to find nothing that indicates LE 9GAg is anything more than a bunch slightly weird computer nerds that may have gotten into an internet DNS scuffle with one of the Anonymous groups over a Nescafe Internet contest..

Nothing to indicate they’re the kind of people who engage in mass murder…

I cannot say if there is any significance to that picture or not, I would assume since Comfy found it, it is not a secret and presumably law enforcement is checking into it..



Pat Dollard is reporting

Holmes, 24, was identified by federal authorities as the man in custody, accused of killing at least 12 people and injuring 50 others during a midnight showing of the blockbuster movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Local news reports showed aerial video of police cautiously searching Holmes’ apartment, some five miles from the Century Aurora 16 theater, as the suspect reportedly told police he had explosives inside. At a morning briefing, local police said that the apartment appeared to be booby-trapped.

A thousand miles away in San Diego, several police cars have arrived at the home of Holmes’ mother.

James Holmes was a student at the University of Colorado Denver Medical Campus but had dropped out in June, according to a school official. He attended high school in California, a police spokesperson there said.


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  1. When the truth does come out, the liberal media will be silent or continue to make false accusations.

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