The Hypocrisy Of John Mica

The Hypocrisy Of John Mica

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I apologize beforehand for any lack of clarity in my comments.  I am currently wrapping my head with duct tape with one hand to keep it from exploding, as I type with the other hand.



As I now openly support freshman Congresswoman Sandy Adams, I realize any criticism directed toward her primary opponent, 20 year incumbent Rep. John Mica, will be taken with a grain of salt.  Understandable.

In fact, I committed to easing away from critical pieces on this man for that very reason.  Yet, his very own actions refuse to allow me to follow through.  Someone has to call attention to the hustle that’s going on here.

While perusing through the news this morning, I come across an article in Politico titled, John Mica relishes role as mentor to House freshmen, and I almost fell out of my chair.  He ‘has a soft spot for the freshman class’?  Really???

You see, I know that not to be true.  That is, if you can take John Mica at his word.

In following the ‘Orrin Hatch’ playbook on how to minimize the impact of the tea party, Mica’s staff reached out to the local movement back in March to secure a meeting.  I happened to be at that meeting, having set it up.

It seemed that Mica’s goal in requesting the meeting was to impress upon the Tea Party just how effective he is in getting things done in Washington and how his 20 years in Congress are actually a plus.

In making his case, he referenced the 2010 freshman class, sometimes referred to as the Tea Party freshman.

Mica then made a very dismissive comment that when it comes to these freshmen, “we’re talking amateur hour”.  He added, to drive home his point, that “they need help finding the bathroom.”

With 10-12 other people in the room who heard the comments, this is not speculative.  It’s not opinion.  It happened.

So back to the Politico article, is John Mica telling the truth when he says he relishes his role as mentor?  Do we take him at his word now, or back when he dismissed these same individuals as little more than being in the way?

And in his quest to win this primary, is there such a thing as a bridge too far for John Mica?

Naturally, his campaign will ignore this article, or if they do comment, it will be with some play on words to justify what heactually meant.  After all, I’m just a rube who would naturally struggle to understand such a man as John Mica.

Although, it seems John Mica is pretty good at couching his comments when he so chooses.  Just as he did this past week when he traveled to Atlanta.  While speaking to the Urban Land Institute and the Center for Quality Growth, he told those gathered that he was not there to tell them to raise taxes, then proceeded to tell them they need to raise taxes.

And right on cue, when Mica was called out for advocating for a tax increase, his campaign fell right back to his opening comment in dismissing the criticism.

At the conclusion of the March meeting, I said to a colleague, “based on Mica’s attitude toward the freshman class, I can just imagine the atmosphere they are having to deal with in Washington”.

Yet, now that it’s campaign season and Mica finds himself in what is most likely the toughest battle of his political career, he has an epiphany and is now their greatest ally?

Who’s buying this???

And why didn’t Politico reporter Adam Snider do any follow up on the content of his story, instead of just recording Mica’s comments as little more than a stenographer.  It’s not like the information is not out there, it can be found Here and Here.

Note to Mr. Snider; ‘Google can be your friend’.

Or is Mica simply calling in all his ‘chits’ with the media, using his position of power to feed this cycle of need that exists where the media need access and politicians need coverage.  There was certainly no journalism taking place in this fluff piece.

Another arrogant disregard for the truth is a campaign mailer Mica just sent out taking credit for blocking toll lanes on I-4 after he just steered legislation through Congress allowing toll lanes to be added to I-4!

And on top of this, the Mica camp releases another internal poll this week that shows him now up 38 pts, never mind that he doesn’t release the full methodology, making the results meaningless. So long as the media runs with the headline, which most eagerly do, that’s all that matters.

Again and again we see the hypocrisy, deceit and deception coming from John Mica’s campaign. It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is counting on the ignorance of the electorate to not do their homework and accept his tripe at face value.

Or, in other words, politics as usual.  If for no other reason, this alone is enough to retire this man on August 14th.

By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press



For anyone who doesn’t happen to know Sandy Adams;



If you’re a conservative living in Florida you’ll want to visit Tom at

The Florida Political Press

It’s a great political news site,  Tom lays things out clearly without much spin.  Sure his opinions are conservative, but he doesn’t twist the facts..  The’s a little more about him


Tom quickly established himself as an integral part of the tea party movement in Orlando. He’s the original founder of the Central Florida Tea Party Council and Editor-In-Chief of the conservative news site Florida Political Press. He’s known for his laid back style and intensity of opinion, which he prefers sharing in open parking lots with plenty of room to pontificate.

And a little more about

The Florida Political Press



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  1. Great informational piece, re-blogged.

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    Career Establishment RINOs are the “Flavor of the Year” for the likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, etc., because they ARE one. (So to speak.) Irritates me that they like those who have been in there forever and have learned to compromise and not make waves as they don’t make waves because it makes everything easier and makes their expensive lunches sit better in the bloated but delicate tum-tumms. Can’t I just figuratively slap them all? Please?

  3. identicon

    Hi SCC– Looks a choice between a career cri– whoops Career Establishment RINO and a Career Law Enforcement Officer… The GOP Establishment doesn’t seem to like having an LEO in Congress

  4. identicon

    Thank you for your info, Tom Tillison. I appreciate it very much.

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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE! I don’t mean to yell at you, but I’ve not had the privilege of knowing that much about Mica and I’ve been wondering for a while now. I didn’t realize he’s a career politician and I didn’t know about his statement to raise taxes. That’s all good stuff to know and I sincerely appreciate whoever posted this article. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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