Thursday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headlines

Thursday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headlines

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Nullification: The Rightful Remedy – In my discussion with Stewart Rhodes (the founder of Oath Keepers), he stated that our course of action against the Federal government is: Does anyone believe nullification will stop Obama?

Robert Campbell sr.

Rahm Emanuel Under Fire as Chicago Murders Soar – Chicago’s mayor and police superintendent publicly defended their new gang-fighting strategy Monday amid growing criticism that the changes are failing and a big reason why the city’s homicide rate…


Obama avoids African-American convention – Attendees at the NAACP convention provided only tepid applause when President Barack Obama phoned in a Thursday morning greeting via video. “Sorry I can’t be there,” he declared, even though his Wh…

The Daily Caller

Obama’s aides slam Romney as possible felon – President Barack Obama’s campaign aides on Thursday declared that Mitt Romney’s financial filings would justify an government investigation for possible crimes. The campaign jumped on a June 12 Bos…

The Daily Caller

Apple Banned in San Fran – Tech Army Forum – San Francisco plans to suspend purchases of Apple Inc. (AAPL) computers after the company stopped participating in an environmental certification program used by governments and universities to mak…

Andy Wendt

Researchers: Earth was warmer 2,000 years ago – The Earth has been in a cooling phase for several thousand years, according to German researchers who studied data from tree-rings. Photo Credit:Wikimedia How did the Romans grow grapes in northern…

Jessica Chasmar

Spying on Americans: Police Scanners Everywhere… – You might have heard that police are deploying scanners – not only in airports – but also on trains, buses, ferries, sporting events and on the streets.  And see this. You probably know that the Na…

Traditional American

News from The Associated Press – In remarks to the National Governors Association on Friday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan is expected to urge states and institutions to help the federal government keep costs down. Tuition at fo…

The Associated Press

Romney Outsourced American Jobs Overseas? Bunk! « Bunk! – Propaganda: While at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney robbed Americans of jobs by outsourcing them overseas. He only cares about profit, not the American worker. There is no evidence Bain Capital ever shi…




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