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Tuesday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

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Obama’s early Chicago rise brought blacks foreclosures

dailycaller.com – President Barack Obama wants his 2012 re-election campaign to focus on Gov. Mitt Romney’s private-sector record, but his own private-sector history shows that he promoted and profited from the nati…




Is The Romney Campaign Getting In David Axelrod’s Head?

buzzfeed.com – Obama adviser David Axelrod offered some clear signs that Mitt Romney’s attacks on him are taking their toll, twice referring to reaction he’s received from Romney operatives in Boston in a 75 minu…

Ben Domenech

China to send its first woman into space | World news

guardian.co.uk – One of two female fighter pilots will become the first Chinese woman in space later this month, after the two were shortlisted for a place in the three-person team that will blast off in the Shenzh…

Drudge Report

EPA drones over Iowa | Washington Free Beacon

freebeacon.com – In response to reports that the Environmental Protection Agency is using unmanned aerial drones to monitor Midwest farms, Rep. Tom Latham (R., Iowa) sent a letter to an EPA administrator Sunday dem…

Kasey Jachim

Commerce Secretary cited in hit-and-run accident

humanevents.com – Police in San Gabriel, California, just north of Los Angeles, have charged Commerce Secretary John Bryson with felony hit-and-run after the 68-year-old official apparently caused two separate car c…

Human Events

Rugged Individualism Fades from National Character

blog.heritage.org – John Wayne’s gravelly, dry voice connected with millions who recognized in its tenor something of America’s pioneer character. In dozens of popular movies, Wayne— who died on this day in 1979—playe…

Jeff Fleetham

Even Wind Executive Doesn’t Want Wind Tax Credit

blog.heritage.org – The expiration of the production tax credit (PTC) for wind and other renewable energy sources is the subject of intense debate. Some see the credit as a tool for creating jobs and battling global w…

David Briggs

PJ Media » Reasoning ‘Kenyan Born’

pjmedia.com – Reason is the fundamental element to keeping a republic viable. If the people lose their ability to reason, or their desire to reason, republicanism becomes obsolete. History has proven this over a…

Marty Smith

Down with Obamacare | The Weekly Standard

weeklystandard.com – With the Supreme Court poised to rule on whether Obamacare was passed in defiance of the Constitution, there’s no question where the American public stands on President Obama’s centerpiece legislat…


Century-Old Electric Car Technology Still Doesn’t Sell

nlpc.org – Enthusiasts can’t overcome their amazement at the innovation of electric cars – technology that is 100-plus years old.   In Friday’s edition of the Vancouver Sun, writer Andrew McCredie – who is to…


House to Bring Contempt Charges Against Holder

conservativedailynews.com – The Republicans are set to bring ‘contempt’ charges against Attorney General Eric Holder for his testimony on Operation Fast & Furious. This answers the question if last week’s hearings with Eric H…

Kyle Becker

Make up Your Mind: President Obama Bragged About Reducing Government Employment While Pushing For More Government Employment | Video

theblaze.com – Although a few pundits are disregarding President Obama’s “the private sector is doing fine” gaffe as a big non-story, a growing number of people believe it’s indicative of a much bigger issue, nam…



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