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Tuesday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News

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Clintonites Hit The Panic Button For Obama

buzzfeed.com – Former aides to President Bill Clinton are calling for a dramatic shift in their party’s economic message before the November election, warning of an “impossible headwind in November,” if they cont…




Review & Outlook: ObamaCare’s Secret History – WSJ.com

online.wsj.com – On Friday House Republicans released more documents that expose the collusion between the health-care industry and the White House that produced ObamaCare, and what a story of crony capitalism it i…


Education Unions Losing Ground

blog.heritage.org – “Teachers unions have a popularity problem,” according to a recent Harvard study. Harvard professor Paul Peterson writes that while approval ratings for education unions remained stable between 200…

Heritage Foundation

Cornyn berates Holder in hearing, calls for his resignation

dailycaller.com – Sen. John Cornyn lambasted Attorney General Eric Holder and called for his resignation Tuesday morning during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Holder appeared before the committee to address q…

Vince Coglianese

President Obama’s top 10 constitutional violations

dailycaller.com – By Ilya Shapiro Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute Ilya Shapiro is a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute and editor-in-chief of the Cato Supreme Court…

B Fojtik

ObamaCare’s Passage Reflected Crony Capitalism on Steroids

conservatives4palin.com – B-b-but I thought Obama told us “Big Pharma” was one of the obstacles to Obamacare.  Apparently not, via the Wall Street Journal: On Friday House Republicans released more documents that expose the…

Traditional American

Rush: When Obama gaffes, then media cry ‘truce’

times247.com – Radio host Rush Limbaugh says that only when President Barack Obama commits a gaffe do Democrats call for a “truce.” Photo Credit:AP You know, whenever the Democrats screw up, whenever Obama screws…


EPA Admin: Americans No Smarter Than Fifth Graders

freebeacon.com – When asked to craft a headline about her tenure at the EPA, chief administrator Lisa Jackson questioned the American public’s ability to read at a fifth-grade level in an interview with the Guardia…


Senator Cornyn Calls For Holder To Resign

breitbart.com – Senator Cornyn went through Mr. Holder’s track record, including Operation Fast & Furious. Senator Cornyn has been trying to talk to Mr. Holder about gunwalking in his state, but he has not answere…

george jarkesy

73% Think Photo ID Requirement Before Voting Does Not Discriminate – Rasmussen Reports™

rasmussenreports.com – Despite his insistence that voter fraud is not a serious problem, Attorney General Eric Holder was embarrassed last week when a video surfaced of someone illegally obtaining a ballot to vote under …


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