Obama’s worst week followed by a really crappy Monday

Obama’s worst week followed by a really crappy Monday

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Last week was supposed to be the worst one Obama’s had yet– That follows another worst week yet for the President a few weeks ago– Today may have been his worst day yet…

No employer in the world wants to wake up on Monday to the news that an employee, especially a key member of their operation as been  injured in a car accident, the first question is always is he alright, followed by the inevitable “What happened?”

It’s never good when the answer is your employee was the driver and two hit-and-run accident’s and is likely to face charges. If your business happens to be Joe’s Corner Bar, you  arrange bail and cover his shift until he gets there. It odds are if no one was hurt it won’t do any damage to business, there will be a little blurb in the paper and everything will be forgotten.

It doesn’t work that way when you’re  President Barack Obama and the hit-and-run driver is your Secretary of Commerce John Bryson and the accidents already made the news coast-to-coast.  Obama knows he’ll end up taking heat for hiring the guy to begin with, and he’ll  probably have to fire the the guy  to prove to the public he  take things like that seriously– which had to leave him with a bunch of  Oh S— I needed him for– moments, but there’s nothing else to do.  All  he could do this morning was hope the day would get better.

It didn’t

Just a couple days ago he’d assured the world that those very serious national security leaks being reported by the media couldn’t possibly come from people he trusted with sensitive information..

“The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. It’s wrong,” Obama told reporters at a news conference Friday. “And people I think need to have a better sense of how I approach this office and how the people around me here approach this office.”

But before he had lunch on today there were reports all over the Media and Internet that is not only a White House employee who is responsible for the leaks, the source is  Obama’s  hand picked National Security Adviser  Tom Donilon  If it’s true Obama has no choice except fire him too.  Worse he’s going to look like a jackass for Friday’s statements and there’s no way to blame George Bush..  or to walk back what he said on Friday.  He had to be thinking Oh Christ WTF is going to happen next…

I’m guessing he was still cussing about Tom Donilon and wondering how to keep the publicity to a minimum you get more bad news..

House Democrats, even with some quiet help from Republican Speaker Boehner won’t be able to prevent a vote on a contempt citation for your Attorney General Eric Holder, to make it worse it looks like at least 30 democrats are going to turn traitor and vote against Holder.

You know if they break Holder, you are in deep pooh.. Except for Valerie Jarrett, David Axlerod and Bo, Holder knows more than anyone else about secrets you’ve been trying to hide from the American Public than anyone..

I’ve heard it said that Holder is the type person who will be quick to make a deal if the choice is either he goes to jail are someone else does. It has been compared to John Dean, the Nixon insider who turned and gave Congress more than enough evidence to end Nixon’s presidency rather than go to jail himself.

On a different level Obama faces a similar problem with his National Security Advisor  Tom Donilon. A number of people have suggested that Obama orchestrated national security leaks to try and make himself look strong on national security. That would mean Obama endangered the security of the United States in order to try and get  himself reelected. If Tom Donilon were to confirm that in order to clear his own name Obama would have a hard time convincing America it wasn’t true

Over the last couple weeks have gotten the impression that the Obama administration is starting to fall apart. The the Obama presidency has never been weaker, and there is more than enough emerging information to keep driving Obama’s approval ratings down. That nonsense about not kicking someone when they’re down does not apply in the real world, when an enemy is down, you keep them down.

It is looking more and more like Bill Clinton has the same idea. It won’t take many more days like today and it will be no Obama administration to reelect. This may or may not be what Clinton has in mind. I believe he realizes that if Obama is reelected he and Hillary will be dead and buried before another Democrat lives in the White House. He may very well sense an opportunity to unseat Obama at the convention.

If that is what he has in mind Obama can expect more unpleasant surprises and more days like today.

As it stands now the Clinton’s would be harder to beat in November then Obama, but they still have to explain why Hillary was willing to work for the son of a bitch, something that won’t be easy to do.



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