Does anyone trust Holder to investigate White House Leaks?

Does anyone trust Holder to investigate White House Leaks?

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A better question might be is anyone outside of the Progressive Branch of the Democratic Party and their followers trust Atty. Gen. Eric Holder at all?

Most of you know there’ve been some unexplained leaks of very sensitive intelligence information to the press. These leaks involve cyber attacks are on Iran and Barack Obama’s alleged Hit List, people Obama feels are legitimate targets for summary execution. The president stayed quiet about the leaks until Congressional Democrats joined Republicans in demanding to know what was going on. Then he responded by ordering Eric Holder to appoint a couple special prosecutors to investigate.  One of the lawyers picked just happens to be a Obama Campaign contributor…

Republicans on Leaks: Either President or Times Is Wrong

Both cannot be correct.

2:46 PM, JUN 8, 2012 • BY DANIEL HALPER

President Obama at a press conference this morning insisted that high-level national security leaks are not coming from the White House. “The notion that my White House would purposefully release classified information is offensive,” President Obama said.

But a Republican memo from the Senate Republican Policy Committee maintains that either the president or the New York Times is wrong.

Read Republicans on Leaks: Either President or Times Is Wrong


Keep in mind this is not the type information that low level White House staffers would normally have access to…

…..and some people may question Holder’s ability to conduct an honest investigation


As Twitchy Reports:



Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters” asked for opinions on whether or not Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation into national security leaks will uncover the truth. Many who responded must have seen, or read Twitchy’s coverage of, his abysmal and dangerously incompetent performance during the Congressional hearing on Operation Fast and Furious the other day. Because confidence is, to put it mildly, lacking.



See the rest of the replies Twitchy Posted

No one has confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation of leaks


Do you believe Eric Holder will conduct an honest investigation of a issue that could lead to criminal charges against key members of Obama’s Staff?

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