Young Lady Banned from Utube by vindictive gays

Young Lady Banned from Utube by vindictive gays

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The following video produced by sixteen-year-old Madeleine McAulay has been banned by YouTube because it did not meet their “community guidelines.”

McAulay is a resident of North Carolina, the state just voted down a gay marriage amendment, joining the 31 other states… the gays came out in force and utube removed her video… I’m not sure why. There is nothing in it that violates anyone’s Term’s Of Service– except possibly the TOS rules of a handful of sites the cater to homosexuals.. I suppose with Obama in Office and Eric Holder running the Justice Department– politically incorrect speech. as defined as defined by the far left is considered hate speech..



This is a statement from one of the jackasses who didn’t approve…

A couple days ago I almost posted this F2&&0t$ persons reply,, at the time McAulay’s  video had been taken down by utube and there was no way to make a valid comparison– it looks like this POS may have had his original attack whine taken down as well– there was a ton of name calling and sexual innuendo that seems to be gone from this version..



Here we have the pride of the UK, a nation that’s rapidly being conquered by Islam (because of attitudes like this) trying to dictate  American Law be and explaining how since no one is living when the Bible was written the book should trashed— He needs to go outside and tell the same thing to some of those Radical Imams his government is catering to– year and he should mention his opinion of gays while he’s trashing the Qu’ran





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