Memorial Day Tribute to World War II Era

Memorial Day Tribute to World War II Era

We thank those who served during World War II for their service and their sacrifice this Memorial Day.  We thank their families, friends and loved ones as well for the sacrifices made on our behalf and ask that God bless you all.


World War II Memorial A Time to Reflect.  Illustration by Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jane Campbell, DoD.


American Music During World War II

“American troops had regular access to radio in all but the most difficult combat situations, and not only did soldiers know specific songs, but specific recordings. This gave a nature to American troops music during WWII, not as much songs sung around a fire or while marching, but listened to between combat on Armed Forces Radio…”


With there being no shortage of footage during the big band/swing/jazz era of World War II, I thought to myself what better way to start this WWII tribute than with Mary Healy  & The Four Debonairs singing “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” (1941 soundie version) followed up by “I Never Let a Day Pass By” as sung by Mary Martin and Don Ameche from the film itself.


























Source:  Role of Music in World War II, American Songs

Three Hundred Greatest Songs Swing Era


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  • Thank you TMJ. Your approval means a lot to me.

    We here at Grumpy Opinions are quite a team. I am in the process of creating a Memorial Day post in which I will be linking all of Today’s Posts as well.

    The World War II Era posts are my favorite as well. They left me totally mesmerized.

  • TMJ

    Hi friend.
    I linked up ALL of your tributes.
    I must say this one is my fav.

    The Mad Jewess

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