Memorial Day tribute to those lost since the Cold War in Terrorist Attacks

Memorial Day tribute to those lost since the Cold War in Terrorist Attacks

In the period between the Vietnam War and the War on Terrorism, the fight for liberty and religious freedom continued as belligerent ideologues persisted in their unrelenting quest to subjugate and destroy those who refuse to cower to their ideology.

Each attack including the September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist attacks resulted in the loss of American lives, military and civilian. While a coup for our enemies, the attacks were an act of war against the West.










America will never desert the United States Military, our veterans and our casualties of war. All gave some, some gave all. Remember our fallen heroes. They are the reason that we are free.


memorial-day tribute in remembrance



We thank and ask God to bless those who served in Operation Desert Storm and thank them for their service.  God bless all, their families, friends and loved ones.

God bless America.

Source:  Wikipedia

U.S. Department of Defense

Timeline of Terror

Patriotic Songs of the USA




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