OMG, they let this woman teach?

OMG, they let this woman teach?

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There is so much wrong in this little video clip is hard to know where to begin.I’ve heard teachers complain about being unable to enforce any sort of discipline. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen countless teacher comments on newspaper forums about the subject. Typically they blame the parents, sometimes the system but never themselves.

I’ll concede that teachers lack the same discipline enforcement tools that were common half a century ago when I sat in a classroom but this is ridiculous. The students obviously know the teacher rants a lot, and the more disrespectful they become, the more she rants, so being normal periods they bait her. Pretty clear that when a bell rings and the kids leave, they’re laughing at and about her, while sh’e left frustrated an exhausted. Then the bell rings again and she gets to make a fool out of herself in front of a new batch of kids.

This was taped at North Rowan High School. Spencer North Carolina.  Listen to the audio, the fun starts about at the one minute mark



All of us had teachers we joked about… I recall a science teacher who spent  countless hours trying to indoctrinate his students about the virtues of the metric system.  Fifty years ago he was convinced in five years the US would go completely metric.  His students were convinced that he was nuts, and he had something going on with that weird little guy who taught in the Art Department.  We joked and laughed a lot about them, but never to their faces.

I did see a student take that art teachers yardstick away from him once– The art  teacher liked slapping kids with the thing.  It happened the 3rd or 4th time the little f– smacked the kid with it for no apparent reason. The teacher went to hit him again, and the kid yanked the stick out of his hand.   The teacher went to his knees and begged the boy not to hit him… The boy just tossed the yardstick and sat down.  When the bell rang the teacher was still on his knees crying..  No one laughed……….. while we were still in the classroom.

One of the things that jumped out at me, was she never had any control over the classroom environment. There was never that instant of silence when students take their seats and the teacher starts to talk.. It was more like something out of the Welcome Back Carter, TV Comedy Show.

The situations not helped any by the teacher’s obvious political affiliations and apparent racist attitude. The teacher’s job is to let these kids know how government works (or is supposed to work) and teach them the importance of current events. They need to learn what caused an event and the implications it could have on other issues. They need to be taught to question the media and to make up their own minds. They also need to learn how to support their opinion while still showing some respect for people with a different point of view. Especially if that someone is supposed to be old enough, learned enough and wise enough to be a teacher.

As for the teacher her job is not to be spew political propaganda. Since when does a  media report make something true, especially considering the bias of mainstream media. If she wanted to have an open discussion, she blew it right from the beginning. You start an open discussion with an open-ended question, not by declaring that something is a fact and daring anyone to disagree with you. The old adage about looking for trouble applies.

Instead of telling the class that because a media reported Romney was an evil bully so therefore Romney is an evil bully and unfit to be president, she might have asked for students how they felt about reports that Romney was a bully.

Instead she left yourself wide open for an aggressive replies from her student’s.  The one young man in particular seems to be  more up-to-date on current affairs than his teacher. The kid also seems to know a lot more about law and the Constitution than this particular teacher.

Having any teacher in good conscience tell her students that it is disrespectful, slanderous and illegal to criticize a sitting president? Then tell the students that it is perfectly acceptable to slander a presidential candidate, based on a media story is been largely discredited?  The woman is an absolute day failure as a civics teacher, she couldn’t hold her own for 5 minutes in a political debate with my 11-year-old grandson. She belongs answering phones for organization like Media Matters or Obama For America.

She does not belong in a classroom trying to beat her point of view and the children’s brains and distorting both the law and the United States Constitution in the process.


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  1. On another note, she is not alone. I have two school teachers living in my apartment building and neither of them will utter a word against Obama. Their allegiance to this man is disgusting.

  2. I forced myself to listen to the video more than once and each time I wondered how long it would be before we got the news that Obama made a personal telephone call to this teacher or offered her a position for her undying allegiance?

  3. I agree that at least one student is miles ahead of this teacher in intelligence. The one student says Obama and Romney are “equal as men,” and the teacher retorts “but not as (pause) running against politics right now.” Very sad for these children who seem to have more than a clue.

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