Muslim Al Jazeera bashes US Death Penalty

Muslim Al Jazeera bashes US Death Penalty

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A very dirty pot calls kettle black, Qatar-based Al Jazeera did what it calls an investigative piece on capital punishment in the United States.  The article  focuses on the execution of Carlos DeLuna in 1989. They point out that there’s strong evidence that DeLuna might’ve been innocent. Actually they go beyond pointing it out they dwell on evidence that he was innocent, and make it a point to remind people that the United States is the only Western nation that still uses the death penalty. They have all the numbers, all you need to do is read the title of the article to see where they’re headed.

How many innocent people has the US executed?

As a report reveals the innocence of a man put to death in Texas in 1989, we examine the US’ use of capital punishment.

It would’ve been an interesting read, and they compared the United States to some of the Muslim nations, like Saudi Arabia or Iran, but that would not have made Islam good. So while mentioning by name other countries that have a higher number of executions, the primary focus of the article was injustice in the United States. I decided to do a comparison.

It’s difficult to compare Qatar with the United States because of the vast difference in population. New York City has more people living in the five boroughs than Qatar has in the entire country, let’s give it a try.

Last year,  Qatar with a population of roughly 1.8 million sentenced  3 people to death and carried out zero executions.

The United States the population of roughly 320,000,000 sentenced 78 people to death and actually executed 43.

Being generous it looks like Qatar sentenced 1.5 per million of it’s population to death, while the US sent roughly one in four million to death row.  That means you’re roughly six times as likely to get the death penalty in Qatar than the US.  The difference in population and the fact Qatar didn’t happen to actually execute anyone– makes it impossible to do a comparison of actual executions..

If Al Jazeera wanted to do a piece condemning the death, they didn’t need to look to the west..  with a population of only about 26 million Saudi Arabia killed almost twice as many convicted criminals as the United States last year, 78 to 43 respectively.  The numbers really get scary if you look at Iran and Pakistan..

Whoops, I forgot, telling the truth about those countries might make Islam look bad– something many Islamic nations consider a capitol crime.

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