Who are the “Elves” behind Common Core Standards,

Who are the “Elves” behind Common Core Standards,

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Missouri Education Watchdog:

 Who are the “Elves” behind Common Core Standards, Longitudinal Data Systems and Workforce Development? ALEC, Bill Gates and Others Revealed.

Shh! We're not REALLY lobbyists.
The following is from an email (reprinted with permission) I received from Kris Alman, a physician in Oregon, who has been following the educational reform that includes Common Core, charter schools, longitudinal data systems, etc.  She was replying to the  EducationNext piece by Michael Petrelli in which he defends “conservatives” such as Christie, Daniels and Jeb Bush and their support of common core standards.
Many educators, writers and citizens understand there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans, progressives or conservatives, when talking about educational reform.  Dr. Alman explains the marriage of the parties and how this enables political and corporation power and influence to the detriment of students and taxpayers.
I believe the ALEC schism reflects the “neo” in conservative and liberal economics of the 21st Century. Neocons and neoliberals are fighting over a bigger piece of the “free” market pie
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