Obama Political Cronyism, and your kids education

Obama Political Cronyism, and your kids education

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It was way back in December of 2010 when Sandra in Brevard sent me a message asking if she could post a couple blogs about the various education reform proposals Florida was considering on my old website, Today I’m Grumpy About.



I’d blogged with Sandra on a couple Gannett sites before I opened Grumpy, and I knew how well she researched things before she said anything.  I didn’t have a clue where her blogs would eventually lead.  A month, and about thirty blogs later we created Grumpy Educators.  Grumpy Educators is now home to several blogs about Education Reform, and School System attacks on Parental Rights that have resulted from Federal infringement on education.

As it turned out, Sandra’s research lead to an attempt by the Obama Administration, with the help of Jeb Bush and largely funded by Bill Gates to put America’s Education System into the hands of sort of joint venture between Federal Government and a small handful of very rich people who stood to profit from the system.  Among them Bill Gates himself.

Microsoft has the ability to created computerized programs become the basis for both the curriculum and the standardized tests necessary to insure scheme is working s planned.  He happens to own a chunk of stock in Pearson Education, the largest educational testing company in the world.

The scheme was sold to cash strapped states, by offering them cash..  and enough Pro Reform Data from (reliable) Non Profit Foundations to make the plan seem feasible..

In Conflicts of interest in Mass’s adoption of national education standards Jim Stergios explained how it was done in Massachusetts, starting with a comment from James Madison, the Fifth President and Father of the Constitution.

No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause, because his interest would certainly bias his judgment, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity.”

– James MadisonFederalist #10

As you will see in a minute, any good reason for making that statement, apparently while you go to jail for bribing the jury there is no penalty at all if you  bribe Independent Researchers to study and report favorably on a product product you are selling.  Truth in American Education condensed a portion of Stergios blog making it a little easier to follow

Fordham is a research and advocacy outfit in Washington that has backed the idea of national standards for some time and received significant funding from the Gates Foundation, which has largely bankrolled the entire national standards effort (Fordham took $1 million from Gates to study and evaluate national standards). Hardly what one might call an “independent” evaluator.” Yet, that is who Commissioner Chester relied upon for part of his decision to have Massachusetts adopt national standards.

Then there is the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, a Massachusetts backer of national standards, touted their “independent” comparison of Massachusetts standards and the Gates Foundation backed national ones:

A key factor in gaining business support was the independent comparison of Massachusetts’ standards to the Common Core commissioned by MBAE and conducted by WestEd.

In fact, MBAE, via the North Carolina-based Hunt Institute and Gates Foundation, received a $151,431 grant to “evaluate” national standards that themselves were paid for by the Gates Foundation.

And that’s only about half of it, it gets worse from there,  Jim Stergios as you’ll realize when you read all of   Conflicts of interest in Mass’s adoption of national education standards

Integrated into the system is data accumulation for so-called longitudinal studies to try to determine, at least on paper, the impact of hundreds of different details on student performance. The data the federal government wants starts with the child’s birth weight and length of gestation.  It also includes the parents blood type, religious affiliation and voting record. Every detail that can possibly be discovered  from birth through graduation would be included in the child’s permanent record. After graduation child’s dossier gets turned over the Department of Labor. Bill Gates has said the date could be used to guide people in decision-making throughout their lives. He also mentioned the data could be used for marketing purposes.

Bill Gates has already donated close to $200,000 to Barack Obama’s re-election..

Hitler, Stalin and Mao all realized the value of using public education as part of their propaganda program.  It’s pretty hard not to see the cronyism involved in this deal. If the idea of Bill Gates and Barack Obama controlling what is taught in schools doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it may be because your liberal. So put it another way, suppose it was Sarah Palin and the Koch Bothers controlling what your children learn in school.

There is another very disturbing aspect to this whole thing.  Nationalization is only the beginning, one of Obama’s mentors former Weather Underground member Tom Hayden suggested in the Port Huron Statement, the nationalization was the first step to globalization. Those of you familiar with United Nations Agenda 21 and New World Order understand the implications. For those who don’t short version would have your local school district taking orders from United Nations. In fact your local school district would probably be replaced by a UN appointed bureaucrat. Bill Gates, Barack Obama are both believers in One World Governance, Jeb Bush’s father, George the First signed UN 21 on behalf of the United States.



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