Obama says we won the war in Afghanistan

Obama says we won the war in Afghanistan

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Somehow I don’t believe him.

You have to hand it to Barack Obama, he could always find some way to try and spin things to make himself look good, even if the spin defies all reason and logic. The treaty he just signed in Afghanistan is no exception. He must consider the American people absolute idiots.

As this article by the Daily Caller points out he’s trying to make a withdrawal the country look like a military victory that he’s responsible for. Hogwash

Hours before hostilities resume, Obama frames Afghan withdrawal as victory

Daily Caller | By Neil Munro
White House officials are using optimistic and assertive language to frame their unconditional withdrawal from the Afghanistan war as a positive achievement, amid a continued offensive by the Taliban and their ideological soulmates in al-Qaida.

“At the end of 2014, the Afghans will be fully responsible for the security of their country” once 88,000 U.S. combat forces return home from the war-torn country, President Barack Obama said in a May 1 prime-time speech from Bagram air base in Afghanistan.

“We must finish the job we started in Afghanistan, and end this war responsibly,” Obama said, even though the U.S. withdrawal will help al-Qaida and the Taliban continue attacking Afghan government and villages.

The statements came as Obama signed a deal with the Afghan government that calls for the withdrawal of nearly all U.S. forces by 2014, in exchange for a still-unclear promise of future aid

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Unless you consider the fact that US Navy SEALs got bin Laden grounds to call Afghanistan a victory, he’s full of crap.

Both Taliban and Al Qaeda are still major players, they have not been eliminated in by Obama’s own admission our withdrawal will allow them to become more aggressive. The openly corrupt government that we installed in Afghanistan hates everything about America except our aid dollars. In fact we are having to bribe the Afghan government in order to leave.

When we withdraw it will be absolutely nothing to prevent Al Qaeda from using the mountains along the Pakistan border as a staging area to organize new attacks against the United States. The president talked about ending the war responsibly, is responsibility is to the American people and no one else.

His trip to Afghanistan was nothing more than another campaign trip disguised as business and intended to try and dupe Americans.


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