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Tuesday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

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May Day Riot Starts Early

breitbart.com – “Street Party” is an innocent sounding euphemism for a direct action on the street, similar to the anarchists describing the groups taking violent action to attempt to shut down the Republican Nati…


May Day Protest? Banks Get White Powder Envelopes

abcnews.go.com – Envelopes containing suspicious powder were sent through the mail to at least seven locations in Manhattan, primarily Wells Fargo banks, in an apparent May Day protest, police officials said.”This …


Arista’s Little Bit of This ‘n That at Bonanza

bonanza.com – arista’s booth, featuring 986 items, including H&C SELB Heinrich Bavaria Germany Roses Porcelain China, Antique Nippon Hand Painted Navy Gold Trim Porcelain China, Ironstone Hall Red Cliff Grape So…


Dangers Lurking for the Romney Campaign

weeklystandard.com – Presidential elections are won on the basis of personal appeal and the ability to provide compelling leadership on the biggest issues of the day.  In the opening stages of the general election race…


Of Patrick Henry | Talon’s Point

talonspoint.wordpress.com – This week I ran across and reread Patrick Henry’s famous speech to The Virginia Convention.  It is truly amazing to see how much of it is applicable today.  There is no need to fight a foreign powe…


Obama’s Solyndra Plant Now a Toxic Wasteland

jammiewf.com – Everything he touches turns to gold. Well, not actually, it really turns into a toxic mess. Our friends from the EPA were unavailable for comment. It’s not just the leftover hazardous materials, bu…


Reasons To Believe | Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

crockettlives.wordpress.com – From Godfather Politics comes the Top 12 Reasons to Vote for a Democrat.  Most of us could think of a few hundred others, but here’s a place to start:1. I voted for a Democrat because I believe oil…


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