Obama desperately hopes court strikes Arizona Immigration law

Obama desperately hopes court strikes Arizona Immigration law

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Most Americans know by now that all Wednesday’s Supreme Court was not impressed, but at least it not seem impressed by Obama administration arguments that Arizona SB 1070 violated the exclusive right of the federal government to enforce immigration law.



Part of the case the federal government tried to make was that the law could complicate relations the United States and foreign governments. There is a reasonable argument that a law regarding illegal aliens might have more of an effect on foreign relations that a law against beating your wife. But that doesn’t stand up very well when you figure that under Sharia law, Wife is perfectly acceptable. That means the arrest of a Muslim for beating his wife could also have international implications. You can make at list go on forever. States have the right to control what goes on inside their borders.

The Department of Justice’s other argument was that the states have no right to to make immigration law. They ignored the fact that the Arizona law closely mirrors federal law. The Obama administration argued that aliens would be forced to carry documentation with them at all times. That provision is included in the federal law and has been for decades. Just as you required to carry your drivers license when you drive foreign nationals are required to have their documentation on them at all times. Just as state and local police are more likely than federal agents to encounter an unlicensed driver they are more likely to have random contact with illegals.

Roughly to thirds of American’s real citizens agree completely with the Arizona law, the other third are Obama supporters realize he needs illegal votes in order to win re-election. The good news for Americans in general as if the court upholds the Arizona law there are a number of states that will immediately pass similar laws. This will deal a major blow to the administration’s agenda.

It is very difficult thing given a justification for the Obama illegal immigration agenda than that combined with no identification voting, it drastically improves his chances for reelection.

The President is depending of on Voter Fraud in November



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