Attorney General: “I am not Lobbying for Change!

Attorney General: “I am not Lobbying for Change!

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Attorney General: “I am not Lobbying for Change!

In a recent meeting, Ohio’s attorney general assured HSLDA and state homeschool leaders he has no intention of pressing for change to laws governing home education.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly, Christian Home Educators of Ohio President Wayne Clark and CHEO Legislative Liaison and Board Member Melanie Elsey met with Attorney General Mike DeWine the afternoon of April 17. They discussed the media controversy sparked by the Dayton Daily News story that linked the death of 14-year-old Makayla Norman to “lax homeschooling regulations.”

The paper reported comments by the attorney general that seemed to indicate his desire for some changes to the current homeschool regulatory framework in Ohio. However, DeWine told HSLDA in the meeting that he had no intention of contacting the legislature about the issue.

“This is a Medicare fraud case,” DeWine said. “I told that to the reporter and said that this really wasn’t about home education.”

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