Oops! US gives $360 million to Taliban

Oops! US gives $360 million to Taliban

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Secretary of Defense Panetta doesn’t believe the Pentagon needs Congressional Approval to go to War or anything else.    The implication is The Obama Administration is capable of running the country’s military affairs all by themselves. Now it turns out that Panetta’s Pentagon is funding the enemy.

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

Catholic Online (www.catholic.org)

Oops! US gives $360 million to Taliban, other enemies.

Investigation shows US has been paying the Taliban to fight.

A careful audit of combat support and reconstruction contracts reveals that at least $360 million in US tax dollars has gone to fund the Taliban and terrorist operations in Afghanistan. Corrupt contractors and subcontractors are responsible for the diversion of funds which have surely resulted in harm to soldiers and civilians throughout the region.

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  • Who Won

    Congress is examining the problem….article from 8/17/2011. What did they do after “examining” the problem!

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